3 Signs You Need to Replace Your Commercial Ice Storage Bin

Clean ice bin will give you clean ice

3 Signs You Need to Replace Your Commercial Ice Storage Bin

Loss of performance indicates repairs or the need to replace your old ice machine. But when it comes to ice bin replacement, it requires more inspection. Also known as ice dispensers, commercial ice storage bins must be sturdy to insulate the ice supply properly.

Corrosion or other damages can cause these bins to leak, affecting their ability to insulate the ice. In certain cases, mold may permeate the bin’s insulation and build up within its walls. Expert technicians help determine whether the bin is performing as it should.

Here are some common signs that indicate you need to replace your ice machine bin.  

Corrosion and Rust

Moisture can corrode any kind of surface over time. Your ice bin comprises three layers that you should be concerned with – interior lining, foam insulation, and the exterior. The inner lining of the bin is designed to be watertight to ensure that the water never penetrates the foam insulation and reaches behind the exterior of the ice machine.   

Proper installation is crucial to prevent moisture from entering the foam insulation. If the machine hasn’t been used for a day, it should be completely dry, and the bin should not leak in any way. If there’s rust or corrosion on the bin, look for a leak. Corrosion can affect the bin’s ability to keep the ice supply insulated.

Structural Damage

A bin with few dents will work fine, but if the damage is affecting its structural integrity, get it replaced. Bin leg damage is commonly caused by moving the ice machine inappropriately. As a result, the legs bend and tilt the machine off its center.

Warped Bin Liner

The ice bin liner must be sturdy and secured firmly to the foam insulation. Warping liner or liner with bubble indicates moisture may have reached under the liner. If there is a separation between the bin’s insulation and the liner, it’s time to get a new ice bin.  

Professional technicians at LA Ice Machine are trained to identify the damages in your ice bin and recommend whether or not it needs to be replaced. We ensure that our customer’s ice supply remains intact.

In addition to providing ice machine repairs, we also specialize in installation services. Moreover, you can opt for our ice maker rental programs and save money upfront when launching a business. We provide a variety of ice machines for industrial uses such as restaurants, hotels, schools, corporate offices, and hospitals.

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