4 Accessories to Keep Your Ice Supply Safe

Ice Cubes Being Poured into a Glass from an Ice Scoop

4 Accessories to Keep Your Ice Supply Safe

Some industries may rent ice machines because of their all-inclusive services, but that’s nearly not enough to make sure your ice supply isn’t accidentally contaminated, putting your guests, employees, and business in jeopardy.

If you want to be in the clear with the FDA, be sure to use the following accessories for safe ice handling.

1. Ice Scoops

You should never scoop out the ice with your hand or any other tool that brings your hands dangerously close to the ice. Ice scoops are by far the best utensils for ice dispensers because they have a handle, meaning your hand is always far away from the ice that you’re trying to scoop out.

However, make sure your employees are still washing their hands before touching that scoop. Firstly, due to COVID-19. Secondly, accidents happen, and their hands might just graze the ice.

2. Ice Rakes

If you’re in a situation where the employees are really digging most of their arm and shoulder into the bin trying to get it as close to the door as possible, you might need something longer than an ice scoop. This might ring a bell if you’re running a large facility.

Enter ice rakes.

These tools are like regular rakes but customized for ice. By using this tool, your staff can reach the ice at the very back without reaching in. After raking it as close to the bin door as possible, they can help the ice drop into the bin and the container.

3. Ice Carts

Ice carts are like ice bins but mobile. These containers store large amounts of ice, making it possible for relocation without contamination or melting. Large facilities often require ice carts because they can’t exactly move so much ice from point A to point B with an entire ice machine.

Ice carts are portable and insulated, meaning you can transfer the ice before it melts and protect it from outside contaminants.

4. Ice Shovels

Like rakes, ice shovels are also used to pull up large amounts of ice. You might need them if you’re filling up any big ice containers at markets, stadiums, factories, or arenas. The tray of an ice shovel is large enough to accommodate a lot of ice at one time, saving you precious time. They’re also hygienic because the handler doesn’t get anywhere near the dispenser.

You can, of course, let the automatic dispenser do its own thing, but a manual shovel might help you cut time by almost half.

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