5 Reasons Why You Should Rent A Commercial Ice Machine

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5 Reasons Why You Should Rent A Commercial Ice Machine

Did you know that the market for commercial ice makers is anticipated to grow to over $4.85 billion by 2028? The need for ice machines appears to be increasing even outside of industries like hotels and restaurants. Keeping the growing demand aside, a person’s need for and ability to finance a commercial ice maker may change over time.

If you’re debating buying an ice maker for your business, we have another option for you—renting. LA ICE MACHINE offers a comprehensive rental program that helps business owners in all industries.

Here’s why renting is the best choice:

Lower Initial Price

It’s difficult to find affordable ice makers, and purchasing one can be costlier than most individuals can afford when it comes to industrial kitchen appliances. Usually, prices start from a few thousand dollars, not including any extra components the machine could require. The initial costs will be significantly lower if you rent an industrial ice dispenser, enabling you to enjoy all the machine’s advantages without devoting an excessive amount of money to it.

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Provide Maintenance

Even a brand-new ice dispenser will eventually need some maintenance and repairs. Sadly, these expenses are yours to handle after purchasing an industrial ice maker. Business owners have hectic schedules, and if something goes wrong unexpectedly, then it can give rise to a lot of issues. However, renting makes the subscription cost more reasonable because the fee covers any repair and maintenance.

Ice Maker Stopped Working? No Worries!

Although it’s less likely to happen, it’s always a possibility.

When your commercial ice machine rental breaks down, you won’t have to worry about bearing the repair cost. As mentioned before, repairs and associated services are also included in the rental program. If a hardware issue occurs, your ice maker can easily be replaced.

No Long-Term Hassle

You might first be apprehensive about the long-term feasibility of an industrial ice maker in your business, as with any expense. If this is the case, renting allows you to use it freely while considering its potential worth as an investment.

Ice Machine Renting Allows for Upgrades

Businesses often expand or downsize. Your ice requirements will change. Additionally, changes in the seasons will cause highs and lows in the consumption of ice. Would you prefer to spend a lot of money on an ice maker that would make much more ice than your company needs? You can test out your unit with an ice machine rental until your company’s needs stabilize.

The ongoing advancements in refrigeration technology cannot be ignored. Manufacturers put in a lot of effort every year to increase their products’ quality, reliability, and effectiveness. Even the most cutting-edge technology can go out of style in a year. When you rent, you can upgrade, change, or personalize your unit to match your company’s needs.

LA Ice Machine offers commercial ice machine rental services in Los Angeles. Our rental solutions include an ice machine, water filters, and an ice bin. For just $134.99, you’ll have a subscription for installation, maintenance, and repair. Get in touch with us to learn more about our rental services.

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