7 Types of Cocktail Ice

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7 Types of Cocktail Ice

What is the one thing that all mixed drinks have in common? You need cocktail ice to make them all. According to mixologists, ice is a very important element in making a drink. In fact, some say that using the right type of cocktail ice can transform an ordinary drink into an extraordinary one. Adding the right cocktail ice helps ensure that all ingredients blend together to make a heavenly concoction.

The size and shape of ice can affect how quickly the frozen cubes melt down, how diluted your drink is, and how it looks. In this article, we will be discussing the seven different types of cocktail ice. Keep reading to learn more.

1. Dry Ice

Do you want to add a smoky effect to your drink? Often used for party cocktails, dry ice adds an extra element to the beverages. However, handling dry ice isn’t as easy as it seems. Considering the fact that dry ice is made at a temperature of -78.5 °C or -109 °F, you need to wear protective gloves to handle them. This cocktail ice won’t affect the taste of your drink and will immediately sink to the bottom.

2. Crushed Ice

This is one of the most popular types of cocktail ice and is used in drinks like Frozen Daiquiri, Sherry Cobbler, Rum Swizzle, Moscow Mule, Mint Julep, and any other drink that has a slushie-like consistency. Crushed ice adds a smooth texture to the cocktail, which makes it ultra-refreshing. The best part about using crushed ice is that it chills a drink faster than all other kinds of cocktail ice.

3. Ice Balls

Also known as Ice Sphere, ice balls are round ice pellets that require very little surface area and can keep your drink colder for a long time. Compared to the standard ice cubes, round cocktail ice has lower dilution and is aesthetically pleasing.

4. Large Ice Cubes

Typically 2 by 2 inches in size, large cocktail ice cubes melt slower than regular ice. They are ideal for lowball glass drinks like Manhattan, Scotch, or Whisky and look impressive. Large ice cubes can keep your drink cold for a long time and can also be used for mixing drinks.

5. Standard Ice Cubes

Although all standard cocktail ice cubes are one by one in size, they come in different shapes like coned and squares. They are usually used for stirring or shaking a drink. We recommend filling a glass 2/3 before adding these square-shaped ice cubes.

6. Collins Spears

Collin ice sticks or Collin Spears are the perfect way to chill drinks. This cocktail ice features long, thick ice blocks, which ensure the perfect dilution of the delicious beverage. However, because of its unique shape, Collin Spears can only be used in Highball or Collins glasses.  

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