Why Do Ice Machines Make A Weird Sound?

Were you suddenly taken aback the moment you turned on your ice machine and whirred like a monster woken up from its slumber? Guess what? The sound your ice machine is making might be weird, but it certainly isn’t uncommon for it to happen.

In fact, most ice machines, ice makers, or stand-alone freezers make all sorts of weird noises and whizzing sounds. Even the built-in ice makers that store ice cubes for as long as it needs to, are very much capable of making sounds quite commonly.

From the sound of the speeding fan inside to loud clicks, gurgling, whizzing, whirring, sizzling, or buzzing, you can hear all sorts of sounds coming from your ice machine. However, it is sometimes better to pay attention to these sounds because they likely indicate something.

The chances are that one of the following reasons is to be blamed for the sound your ice machine is making. Take a look!

Ice Machine is Having Heating Issues

One of the most common reasons your ice machine is growling at you is because it is heating up. When the reservoir of the ice machine fills up with water, the unit practically submerges the prongs to gradually lower the temperature and freeze the water to make ice. Consequently, it proceeds to warm up the spikes to allow the ice to easily slide off down in the tray. That’s when you should be hearing the sound of cubes dropping on your tray. However, a gurgling or whizzing sound is something to worry about, and you should contact a technician immediately.
The chances are that the heating system is having a tough time working with the freezer and disallowing the flow of ice, in which case your machine may start heating up too.

The Unit’s Placement Is Off

It is crucial to always check on where you are planning to place your ice machine. Whether it is a commercial, industrial, or home kitchen, make sure you provide enough space to ventilate. Moreover, it is important that the ice machine is installed properly and is stable in its place. If you place it on uneven ground, the ice machine may vibrate while it is producing ice and cause damage to the unit. Therefore, if you hear weird noises from your ice machine and you can see it shake or move, ask a technician to help you move it and place it on a stable surface.

Level of Water Needs To Be Checked

Next in line of reasons your ice machine is making weird sounds is the level of water. All these ice-making units require a smooth water flow to things running smoothly from household, daily-purpose refrigerators to freezers and industrial ice machines. If the water line is clogged, and the machine cannot make ice while turned on, it will make loud whirring sounds of the machine trying to disengage the clog and find the water supply. Therefore, in case you hear such sounds and your ice machine is not producing ice at all or in an adequate amount, it’s time to hit up an ice machine expert.

Compressor Problems

Most ice machines have compressors attached. A compressor is a device mainly responsible for distributing cold air throughout the machine to maintain its temperature. It is usually a soundless device, and you shouldn’t hear anything as it starts or stop. Therefore, you know it calls for trouble if your compressor is whizzing or whirring. The chance is that it is plainly malfunctioning and needs to be looked at by an ice machine expert.

Water Pump Isn’t Pumping

Ice machines are made with many small, spate bits and pieces attached together to produce ice. The water pump is one such part of the ice machine that takes water from the reservoir and transfers it to the freezing components, allowing the unit to produce the cubes. Sometimes, the water pump gets blocked and, in turn, affects the entire process, halting the machine in its operation and making a knocking sound. However, a simple hack can easily fix this. All you have to do if your water pump is clogged is to remove the water filters and wires to check for dirt or debris getting collected. Next, mixing some lemon juice and vinegar to scrub the clogged area will soon reestablish optimal functionality of the water pump and, in turn, your ice machine, stopping it from making any sound.

Ice Cubes Sizing Preference

Many modern ice machines allow the user to pick the size of the ice cubes they want it to produce. You can choose small or bigger size cubes but not the latter with some issues. Ice machines do well with smaller ice cubes but producing bigger ice cubes is difficult for them. This is why you might hear different sounds from the ice machine as it is trying to fulfil your requirements but is unable to. The ice cubes may end up getting stuck instead of flowing out onto the tray and making sounds through the machine. All you have to do is change your
preference to a smaller size.


If your business has a significant amount of capital and has technicians readily available for maintenance needs, then buying an ice machine might be a better option for you. However, for most businesses, it is better to rent a machine. The reason is that the moment our machine starts to make a weird sound or malfunction, you can hit up your technician company and have it checked or replaced. So if you are looking to rent a machine from a company that takes care of repairs, cleaning, and maintenance, then you should check out LA Ice Machine. We have an
astounding 44 years of experience renting ice machines and ensuring they get the job done.

Give us a call at (818) 340-3644 to learn more.

How to Make More Ice from Your Ice Machine?

Believe it or not, our team here at LA ICE MACHINE gets many calls almost every week from business owners stating their concerns regarding their ice makers not making enough ice. Their main problem is how the commercial ice maker just isn’t producing like it used to.

A common problem here at LA ICE MACHINE that we happily oblige to. However, we know very well how 90% of the time, the machine isn’t broken or at fault. In fact, it is a matter of regulating the machine maintenance checks and keeping them up to date.

Even many environmental issues can become a cause of decreasing amounts of ice production by the ice maker. So it definitely isn’t the right way to go about neglecting your ice machine or hitting up your service provider on the slightest of issues. Instead, let’s take a look at some of the remedies you can perform on your own to avoid low ice production in the first place.

Regular Preventive Maintenance 101

  • One of the best ways to ensure optimum performance of your ice machine and the appropriate amount of quality ice production is by conducting regular preventive maintenance checks.
  • There is no doubt that ice machines are complicated to handle on your own if you don’t have the proper know-how. However, with that being said, learning how to handle the equipment you use daily isn’t that difficult.
  • As you continue to use an ice machine daily, you would get in on its technicalities, what goes where, how it works, etc. You can read up guidelines, manuals and even ask your technician on their next visit for some easy tips and tricks.
  • Long story short, self-reliance for regular maintenance checkups on your ice machine isn’t a bad idea. However, if you are completely unsure of something, we recommend you hit us up immediately.
  • One of our expert ice machine technicians will reach out to you. During a preventive maintenance call, they will check the machine inside and out and run some diagnostic tests to ensure the machine is running according to specifications.
  • It happens more often than not that business owners are entirely aloof to something being wrong with the ice machine and don’t realize until it’s too late. Having a technician run a thorough preventive maintenance check would allow them to fix the problem before it becomes more severe.

Professional Cleaning Regime

  • Air-cooled machines are the most common types of ice machines that you’ll come across. As such, ice machines work, they pull air to cool the internal fittings and working of the machine, keeping the temperature balanced. However, as they do so, any particles like dust, dirt, grease, yeast floating in the air enter the machine.
  • Eventually, all these particles gathered inside the machine get collected around the ice machine components inside and disrupt their functionality. The particles insulate the heat within the machine, hence, lowering the rate at which your ice machine produces ice.
  • Therefore, it is a given that a dirty ice machine produces less ice than a clean one. So getting your ice machine cleaned professionally on a regular basis is a must if you want to avoid decreasing the amount of ice every day.
  • The best way to go about it is by giving LA ICE MACHINE a call to handle the job for you. We will clean your ice machine’s air filters as the first line of defense against airborne particles. Next, we will not leave it just at that but clean the entire machine inside-out to ensure no retention of dust or debris.
  • Not only does the regular cleaning ensure your ice machine’s vital components function right, but also optimum amounts of quality ice production. Rest assured, your ice supply would become more safe, secure, clean, and hygienic for your customers and employees.

Check Your Air & Water Temperature

  • The air and water temperature are very common reasons why your ice machine might not produce an adequate amount of ice. Many ice machine manufacturers place the air and water temperature of the ice machine at high priority to supplement the right amount of ice production.
  • Therefore, it is important to keep the air and water temperature in check before every usage. Ideally, temperatures between 70 to 90 degrees are best for optimum functionality and the right amount of ice production. Any higher, and the machine would start producing less ice.
  • Consequently, on the other hand, if you go any lower than the recommended temperatures, and you’ll notice that there still is not enough ice because half of the water would freeze inside than coming out in ice cube forms.


LA ICE MACHINE provides and takes responsibility for the top of the line Hoshizaki ice machine, bins and dispensers, all for one reasonable low fixed price. We will handle:

  • Installation
  • Filter Changes
  • Scheduled Maintenance
  • Repairs, including parts and labor

Our solution is simple. For a small setup and fixed monthly fee, we provide:

  • Top of the line Hoshizaki commercial ice machines, bins, and dispensers
  • Free standard water filters for commercial ice makers
  • All preventive maintenance included with the rental program at no additional charge
  • All repairs, including parts and labor, included with rental


Our team at LA ICE MACHINE ensures the best service for our customers, hands down, without compromise. Excellence in service is our commitment to you. We will always strive to deliver optimum customer service and care that you deserve so you don’t have to go low on your ice production ever.

LA ICE MACHINE rental program benefits include:

  • Fixed monthly rental fee
  • No more expensive repair bills
  • No Worries
  • No Hassle
  • Flexible (Upgrade for a nominal fee)
  • Great customer service
  • Service 24/7/365
  • Guaranteed Ice Pledge (Same Day Service)

Call LA ICE MACHINE today at 818-340-3644 to get started!

A Person Pouring Ice in a Mug

Why do You Need Complementary Products for Your Ice Machine?

For businesses, providing good customer service is of vital importance. Most businesses recognize this belief but they fail to implement it fully. You have to provide good service for everything that you do, even if it is something as small as ice cubes.

For example, if you have a restaurant, bar, or something of that nature, and you serve ice in your drinks, you can add so much value to the ice alone. By adding value to the ice, you automatically add value to your drinks. Think of the wonders you can do with your drinks and other product offerings.

Of course, there are many other ways to add value to the customer’s experience but we want to explain how such small steps can make such a big difference.

Businesses that serve ice usually have an ice machine, if you don’t, you should consider getting one to save costs. If you have an ice machine to serve ice to your customers, let’s take a look at how you can make the most of it:

Complementary Products for Your Ice Machine:

  • A complementary product is a product that adds value to another product. Usually, complementary products are consumed together such as milk and tea, cars and tires, lamps and electricity, coke and ice, and so on.
  • We will discuss some complementary products for your ice machine that will help produce better quality ice that will lead to better customer service. So, let’s take a look:

1. Ice Picks

  • An ice pick, for those who don’t know, is a tool that is used to break or chip ice. Traditionally, since ice came in big blocks, businesses needed this product to break the ice into smaller pieces to serve in drinks and for other purposes.
  • It is still useful but businesses do not use this product much. You should have this to design ice cubes the way you want to. For example, if your ice machine makes big ice cubes while you think crushed ice will go better with your drinks, you can easily chip away the ice cubes to produce crushed ice.
  • The final product that you give the customer will leave them more than satisfied. Honestly, we could really use a drink that has crushed ice, it sounds so good!

2. Ice Shovels

  • Ice shovels are used for picking ice from containers. Ice machines usually have an ice bin where the machine dumps all the ice. Many people make the mistake of picking up the ice from the ice bin directly with their hands or cups.
  • This is a very unhygienic practice and can lead to ice contamination. We have a detailed article on how to prevent ice contamination. Read it to avoid making your customers sick because that is not good customer service at all!
  • Moreover, try to store the ice shovel in a specific spot outside of the ice bin. Leaving the ice shovel in the ice bin will expose the handle to the ice which will be the same thing as touching the ice directly.
  • Your employees should also wash their hands before using the ice shovel to ensure utmost hygienic practices.
  • Clean and good quality ice will certainly be appreciated by your customers.

3. Ice Carts

  • Some large-sized businesses require ice in multiple places within their business. A good example of this is hospitals.
  • An ice cart will help you transport the ice anywhere safely without exposing it to any sort of contaminants. Moreover, ice carts are designed to hold ice and will prevent them from deforming or melting. Therefore, you can transport your ice easily without any worries!

4. Rent an Ice Machine and Enjoy the Complementary Services Offered by LA-ICE-MACHINE

  • That’s right! Complementary products, as well as complementary services, can add value to your ice.
  • Why would you want to buy an expensive ice machine when you can rent it at a low monthly fee by LA-ICE-MACHINE?
  • Renting an ice machine saves huge upfront costs and you can avail the complementary serviceswe offer at a low price. The complementary services are installation, filter changes, scheduled maintenance, repairs, 24/7/365 availability, and same-day services.
  • Therefore, you can leave the stress of maintaining your ice machine and can focus on providing your customers with the best service while professionals with years of experience ensure the production of great quality ice!
  • So, give us a call at (818) 340-3644 and we will take care of all your ice-related needs.

Final words

  • Providing good customer service is not limited to providing a good product at a reasonable price, it includes the whole journey of the customer. What that means is that your job to provide good customer service begins from the first step the customer takes inside your business and it ends when they exit your store.
  • Therefore, you have to greet the customer, make them feel welcomed, accommodate all their requests (as long as they are reasonable, sometimes you must go beyond by delivering on unreasonable expectations), make the most of their time with you, and leave them satisfied so that when they exit your business place, they have a smile on their face and are thinking about the lovely customer service they had just received.
  • What this will do is that it will bring back the same customer for repeated business. Greeting a customer, leaving them satisfied, and accommodating their requests makes sense but how can you make the most of their time?
  • It is simple, try to add value in everything that you do. Even if it is something as simple as ice!
Two Cocktail Blueberry Drinks

Top 4 Reasons why your Ice Machine is Not Producing Enough Ice

Many businesses require ice to complement their products, whether for drinks, seafood, frozen foods, or any such purpose.

The biggest problem faced by such businesses is the adequate supply of ice due to their ice maker not producing enough ice.

A shortage of ice results in unsatisfied customers who have to comprise on the temperature of their drinks.To avoid this issue, we will discuss some tips that will help increase or maintain your ice machine’s production levels.

1. Faulty installation

  • Most of the times, the fault is not with your ice machine but with the installation of the ice machine.Bad installation can lead to water issues, electric issues, or installing a machine where the temperatures are high.
  • In order to rectify these issues, check if the machine is receiving power. Check for power outages and breaker issues. The same thing applies to water issues, check to see if the machine is receiving adequate water.
  • Furthermore, if your ice machine is crowded by other machines, chances are that it will not perform optimally as it needs proper airflow and low temperature. Try putting it in a place that is not so crowded.

2. Is your Ice Machine Clean?

A dirty ice machine will produce far less than if it were clean. Moreover, if you do not properly clean your ice machine in time, it can break down completely. Sometimes, a dirty machine is caused by a dirty filter.If your water filter is old or dirty, it will either stop the water supply entirely or pass on contaminated water. Whatever the case is, your best option is to replace your water filter to ensure a safe and steady supply of water for your ice machine.

3. The Demand of Ice

If your business requires a lot of ice which results in the overworking of the ice machine, it will lead to overheating which will impact production.

Moreover, extracting ice repeatedly from the machine can increase the temperatures inside, therefore, either limit the production or invest in a secondary ice machine.

4. Technical issues

  • There can be countless issues with your ice machine.
  • Something as minute as a frayed wiring can disrupt the production of ice. Sometimes the temperature of the ice machine is not set correctly. It is difficult at times to identify the issue with your ice machine.
  • Therefore it is better to reach out for professional help as you might not be aware of the actual problem.

Summing it up

  • Maintenance and repairs of an ice machine can be irritating and cost consuming but in order to preserve the value of your investment in an ice machine, it is important to make sure that it is running smoothly.
  • If you want to enjoy the services of an ice machine without the hassle of maintenance and repairs, we have the right people for you. LA ICE MACHINE provides rental programs for commercial ice machines in which they cover scheduled maintenance and repairs for a convenient and low fixed price.
  • Get rid of all your ice machine worries by visiting their website or calling them at (818) 340-3644.
Bartender Pouring Liquor in a Glass

Top 5 Types of Ice to be Kept at a Cocktail Bar

Ice cubes are a strong complementary product to drinks, especially alcoholic beverages. Bartenders around the world try their best to display their drinks at the highest standard, which is accomplished by using the right glass, ice, and liquid.

Successful bars know how to make a drink look appealing, and they do this by using a combination of different types of ice with varyingkinds of glasses. Most also use some decorative pieces like tiny umbrellas or a lemon\lime. Some even use colored drinks to make their drinks stand out from their competition.

We will discuss the top most used types of ice in bars around the world.

1. Full Cube

  • The traditional full cube is perfect to be used for high-end spirits. High-end spirits can be costly, and so you do not want to dilute water into your drink.
  • Its larger size results in a slower melting rate, keeping your drink fresh for more extended periods. Of course, the full cube is not the most appealing, but it surely protects the quality of the spirit.

2. Half Cube

  • These have a higher melting rate but are more appealing to the eye. This type of ice is perfect for drinks that are served on the rocks.
  • This type of ice is also ideal for storing your drinks as the symmetrical shape of cubes allows them to gel together, resulting in maximum cooling.

3. Flake

  • Flake ice is much smaller in size but is also very appealing to the eye. This type of ice is mainly used for storing drinks as it has similar properties to the half cube, allowing the flakes to gel together for a great cooling experience for customers.
  • Bars also use this type of ice for margaritas and Mai Tai as the small shape absorbs the flavors of the drinks.

4. Crescent

  • These offer a beautiful crescent shape which is the perfect addition to your drinks. The ice is clear, and so it gives a vivid look to the drink. This type of ice is also larger in size like the full cube, which allows for a slower melting rate.
  • These are ideal to be used with soft drinks, cocktails, whiskeys, and high-end scotches.

5. Octagon

  • This type of ice is particularly famous amongst people who love to chew on ice.
  • Bars have also started using this ice a lot due to its porous nature, which helps maintain the taste of the drinks. Octagon is ideal to be used with margaritas and slushes.

Summing it up

There are plenty of choices when it comes to ice. Bar owners typically keep more than a few types to spice up the look of their drinks and keep innovating to stay ahead of their competition.

If you are looking into owning a bar or need any ice machine to keep different types of ice at your bar, we know the right people for you. LA-ICE-MACHINE is a provider of commercial ice machine rentals and has been doing this for over 40 years.

Visit their website or call them at (818) 340-3644. Talking to them will solve all of your ice related needs.

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