Cloudy vs. Clear Ice: What’s the Difference?

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Cloudy vs. Clear Ice: What’s the Difference?

Ice is needed in many industries. However, you can’t just use any kind of ice for your business, especially in establishments like restaurants, schools, hospitals, and corporate offices.

Ice is regarded as food by the FDA, which means ice quality is just as important as food quality. While people use ice machines to get clear ice, most don’t even notice if it starts producing cloudy ice for some reason. Therefore, you must know the difference between cloudy and clear ice.

What is Cloudy Ice?

Cloudy ice is often transparent around the edges and cloudy or white in the middle. This is because when you pour water into an ice tray and let it be, it starts freezing from the outside toward the middle. Thus, the first part that freezes is clear because it is pure, and the middle part is white or cloudy as air bubbles, impurities, and minerals are pushed toward it.

What is Clear Ice?

Clear ice is produced by commercial ice machines. Water is circulated on the cold plate or grid, causing the ice cubes to freeze from the inside to the outside, forming one layer at a time.

The clean and pure water freezes, while the air bubbles, impurities, and minerals continue to move on. Therefore, ice cubes made in ice machines are considered pure and clean, which is why they are appear clear.

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Cloudy vs. Clear Ice

Clear ice cubes have the upper hand over cloudy ice cubes for many reasons:

  • As it is pure water, clear ice cubes are denser, which is why they melt slowly and last longer
  • Pure water ice cubes taste a lot better than cloudy ice cubes
  • You get more ice as there are no air pockets
  • Clear ice looks more aesthetic and appealing

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