Commercial Ice Machine Installation Requirements

Experts installing an ice machine

Commercial Ice Machine Installation Requirements

Installing a piece of complex equipment such as an ice machine requires business owners to comply with a set of operational codes. Now that you’ve decided that your business requires an ice machine, it’s time to learn about its installation requirements.

An ice machine’s structural integrity and performance depend on the expertise of the installation team. At LA Ice Machine, you can trust our qualified ice machine experts, who can perform the entire ice machine process without breaching any requirements.

In this blog, you will learn all about ice machine installation requirements. This will help you stay abreast of local codes that your business must follow when procuring an ice machine.

Electrical Source

The first thing to ensure is a powerful electrical source that’s suitable to meet the needs of your selected ice machine. Typically, an electrical connection with 115V or 220V capacity is perfect to operate most ice machines.

However, you may want to upgrade an electrical connection, depending on the size and modular function of your ice machine. Many manufacturers recommend that ice machine buyers and renters install a dedicated breaker to ensure the right amperage size.

Drainage System

The drainage system is the next requirement for an ice machine. Commercial ice machines produce a bulk amount of ice daily, and therefore, they excrete lots of wastewater. This is why a drain in close proximity is mandatory for smooth outflow. This will save you from a giant, wet mess and health code violations.

Space Requirements

The location of your ice machine depends on its functionality. For example, more space will be required if you’re installing a modular ice machine. In contrast, over and under-the-counter ice machines require less space.

Moreover, businesses need to provide an optimal temperature environment to ensure their ice machine’s proper function. Try to maintain the temperature between 45 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Adequate ventilation is needed for air-cooled ice machines, whereas water-cooled machines require a steady supply of fresh, potable water.

All in all, different types of ice machines have different installation requirements. And you can only comply with all of them by having a professional ice machine company by your side. A professional ice machine rental service can help you choose, install, and maintain the right ice machine.

Why Should You Choose LA Ice Machine?

Ice machines are an integral part of many business models. They play a substantial role in helping restaurant, hotel, office, school, and hospital owners streamline their operations.

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