Common Reasons Why Your Ice Maker Isn’t Working Properly

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Common Reasons Why Your Ice Maker Isn’t Working Properly

Do you have a cocktail party on your head but are worried about the ice machine that has already ditched you? Or are you having trouble with your clients in your grocery store or restaurant because your ice machine isn’t producing sufficient ice?

Regardless of what your problem is, you’ll find your answer here.

Let’s look at some common ice machine problems and how you can fix them.

Is it Switched On? Make Sure the Pause Feature is Disabled!

Nothing compares to the adrenaline rush you get when you reach out to your ice machine to get some ice so you can make a chilled drink on a hot summer day, only to find that it’s not working.  

Instead of freezing up, check the power source. Make sure it’s turned on. Ice machines typically have an icon that shows if the appliance is on or off. Once you check that the ice machine is on, check if the rest of the fridge is connected to the power supply before you proceed further.

Several ice machines have a control arm that pauses the ice maker when the ice bin fills up. Sometimes the control arm moves inadvertently and pauses the system. You can learn about the pause feature from the ice machine’s user manual and fix it accordingly.

Check If There’s Any Blockage in the Water Line

Ice machines often fail to work properly when the water line clogs or turns off. Check out the water supply valve and make sure it isn’t turned off or restricted by a fastener or a bracket.

Many times ice gets stuck in the water line, and as a result of which, the ice machine stops producing ice. To unclog the water line, you need to melt it first.

Easy solution? Just unplug the machine and let the appliance defrost. But many times, unplugging the appliance for a long time isn’t the right option at all. If you want a quick fix to this problem, simply grab a heat lamp, a hair dryer, or any other heating appliance and defrost the line using the appliance. Alternatively, you can also pour some hot water on the line and give it some time to melt.

After some time, re-plug the ice machine and check if it works properly. If it still doesn’t work, call your ice machine solution provider to troubleshoot the problem and fix it accordingly.

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