Different Types of Ice to Ice in Your Coffee: A Guide for Coffee Lovers

A glass of iced coffee

Different Types of Ice to Ice in Your Coffee: A Guide for Coffee Lovers

Having the right type of ice for your iced coffee makes a big difference. Ice machines make the perfect ice for all kinds of beverages. It has a better taste, and it looks nicer, too, making your drink look more aesthetic.

Who doesn’t like a nice whiskey on the rocks at the end of a long working day or a glass of ice-cold lemonade during summer? Choosing the right type of ice is important. You don’t have to settle for a store-bought bag of ice. Instead, you can get an ice machine rental in LA and enjoy your iced coffee the way you like it!

Here are different types of ice that you can use in your coffee:

Full Ice

A full ice cube is fairly large and keeps your coffee cold for a long time. It’s most commonly used for cocktail drinks like a whiskey sour or a Moscow mule.

The larger surface of the full ice cube makes it a good choice because it takes longer to melt and wouldn’t dilute your coffee as much.

Half Ice

Half ice cubes are another great choice for iced coffee. Half ice cubes are pretty much the regular ones that melt faster than full ice cubes. Due to its small size, you’ll have to add more than usual.

If you don’t mind the ice diluting your drink, half ice cubes are a better option since they make your drink more aesthetically pleasing.

Nugget Ice

Nugget ice cubes are smaller than half ice cubes. They’re also called bite-sized ice cubes and are used as icy snacks.

Nugget ice cubes are soft, small, and absorbent. Due to its smaller surface, the ice melts quickly and dilutes your coffee. This is why you have to be mindful of how many cubes you’re adding to your coffee or other drinks.

Nugget ice cubes in iced coffee will look great and make a great Instagramable picture, but you have to be mindful of the melting rate.

Spherical Ice

Spherical ice cubes are sphere-shaped ice that doesn’t only look great but also have a slow melting rate and doesn’t dilute your coffee.

Spherical ice cubes are often used by bartenders while making drinks, but it’s also an ideal option for iced-coffee lovers. It fills up your cup faster and keeps it icy cold without melting too fast.

Block Ice

Block ice cubes are bigger than average full-sized ice cubes. Block ice cubes are square-shaped cubes used in cocktails.

The volume and melting rate of the ice cubes makes it a perfect option for coffee.

Ice in a cup of coffee

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