Ice Machines

About Hoshizaki

Hoshizaki is a premium manufacturer of commercial food service and kitchen equipment. They have partnered with Gram Commercial, a refrigeration specialist, to create their ice machines. You will be able to take advantage of Danish design knowledge and Japanese engineering when you rent the Hoshizaki ice machines from LA ICE MACHINE.

You will have access to quality ice-making for your commercial service. They were the ones to create the first automated ice machine in Japan in 1964. Now, they have refined that technology to adhere to needed customer preferences.

Why Rent the Hoshizaki Machines?

When you get the Hoshizaki ice machines for rent, you can create various types of ice, like cubes, cubelets, and flakes. You can also get special ice like balls, hearts, stars, crescents, and crashes. This makes it perfect for businesses that need a more dramatic flair in their beverages.

The ice machines are designed to save energy and provide ease of use, which can save you additional training and electricity costs when you rent them. You will be pleased with the durability and performance that can improve commercial processes.

When you rent a machine, you don’t have to pay the upfront cost of the entire thing. Additionally, for many businesses like caterers and event organizers, buying a machine just doesn’t make sense. Rent your Hoshizaki machine to save costs instead of spending a huge cost on buying one.

Who Can Benefit from Commercial Hoshizaki Machines?

There are many different commercial ice machines that you can use for your business! From modular models and self-contained designs to a variety of ice types, you have your pick.

The following industries and businesses could benefit from Hoshizaki machines:

Why Rent from La Ice Machine?

LA ICE MACHINE offers a 24-7 emergency service that can help you stay at the top of your game. When you rent a Hoshizaki machine from us, you also get access to our certified commercial repair specialists that can install and maintain your ice machine for you. This means that it stays at top working conditions for years to come. You can also take advantage of our warranty programs and reliable customer service.