How Can You Prolong The Life Of Your Commercial Ice Machine?

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How Can You Prolong The Life Of Your Commercial Ice Machine?

If you use commercial ice machines for your hospital or office, you might want to look into strategies to prolong your machines’ useful life. If you have a business such as a restaurant or a hotel, it’s high time you get a commercial ice maker. An ice maker makes flakes, crescents, and nuggets that help keep beverages, vegetables, and other edibles cool.

It’s an important investment, so maintaining an ice maker in top shape will help it last longer. While a typical ice dispenser has a lifespan of 4–5 years, cleaning and maintenance can extend the life unit to 7–10 years.

Keep Your Ice Maker Clean

Ice is recognized as food, and when you serve food to your customers or patients, it needs to be clean. Before the food inspector comes knocking on your restaurant door, you might want to clean your ice dispenser. Here are a few routine maintenance things you can do:

  • Use the machine’s water filters to decrease mineral accumulation.
  • Incorporate a UV lamp that can destroy germs.
  • Remove all existing ice before starting cleaning procedures
  • Employ your ice maker’s cleaning feature following the directions provided by the manufacturer.
  • Wipe the outer surfaces, even those near the machine.
  • Clean and wash all detachable interior parts.
  • Use pressurized air to remove dust and debris from the compressor.
  • Clean or replace the water filter.

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How frequently should your ice maker be cleaned? Read the manufacturer’s directions, but don’t leave it unattended for more than six months. Heavy users may need to clean their ice machines as frequently as once a month. If your machine has issues such as strange odors or slow harvesting, you might need deep cleaning from a professional.

Maintaining The Ice Machine Parts

In addition to cleaning, as mentioned above, you should routinely replace the water filter and an air filter (if you have one). If the machine is facing any blocking issues, you need to clean it. Once the machine has been cleaned, evaluate the system’s temperature because even spotless machines might accumulate little ice chunks.

If you don’t have an automated dispenser, only use an ice scooper to pick up your ice cubes. Avoid scooping ice with glass since the glass could be contaminated and could also break and get mixed in with the ice.

Check Your Water Quality

The ice dispenser’s lifespan will be impacted by the water quality in your building. If hard water goes into the machine, it’ll damage your unit. It’s strongly advised to use a proper water filtration system.

You should also change the cartridge to prolong the machine’s life. As a result, there will be less limestone buildup. Also, know the details of your warranty before purchasing your ice maker. Most manufacturers of commercial ice machines provide a 3-year labor and parts warranty.

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