How Do Restaurants and Bars Make Clear Ice?

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How Do Restaurants and Bars Make Clear Ice?

We all love to sip on exquisite drinks in restaurants and bars, and this is made more interesting with the use of clear ice. If you are wondering how restaurants and bars get these clear ice cubes, you’ve come to the right place. Anyone would want to have a restaurant-style drink at home, and ice machines can make it possible for you.

This blog will explain how restaurants and bars make clear ice. Keep reading to find out.

Why Do Restaurants and Bars Make Clear Ice?

Ice is like food and needs to be of the highest quality. No restaurant or bar would want to serve their customers drinks with cloudy or unpleasant-looking ice cubes. Thus, they use clear ice cubes in all their beverages. Also, most customers prefer clear ice, and restaurants should serve drinks per their customer’s preferences.

How Do Restaurants and Bars Make Clear Ice?

Most restaurants and bars have dedicated ice machines to produce high-quality ice cubes. The ice machines use several filtration and cooling techniques to produce clear ice. A commercial ice maker can produce large quantities of clear ice, which is why you will find them in most restaurants and bars.

An image of a person putting ice in the glass from an ice machine

How Does an Ice Machine Produce Clear Ice?

In an ice maker, the ice cubes are gradually made in layers, preventing the creation of air bubbles that lead to cloudiness in ice cubes. Therefore, if you are looking to get clear ice cubes for your restaurant or bar, investing in a commercial ice machine might be the ideal option.

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