How Do Schools Qualify For a Commercial Ice Maker Rental Program?

Commercial ice machine

How Do Schools Qualify For a Commercial Ice Maker Rental Program?

Whether you need to serve chill beverages, make smoothies, or display food, ice machines are one of the most essential equipment in a commercial kitchen or restaurant. They’re also used in healthcare facilities for multiple purposes such as soothing patients’ wounds and hydrating them. However, ice is also required in corporate offices and schools, colleges, and universities.

Since these facilities require large amounts of ice, a commercial ice maker is the most suitable choice. Small businesses and schools that don’t have much money for upfront costs can opt for an ice machine rental program to save costs on repairs and regular preventative maintenance.

Amount of Ice Required

Though ice requirements in a school are lower than in a restaurant, it should be equipped with a commercial ice machine. However, purchasing a commercial ice maker for schools can be difficult because their needs vary from the commercial kitchen to a restaurant.

The most important factor to consider when buying this equipment is the size and capacity of the school. Bigger schools typically need high-capacity ice machines to fulfill daily requirements in school cafeterias serving beverages such as soft drinks.

Larger schools that have limited floor space can choose a 90 kg commercial ice cube maker, for example, to double their ice production without consuming additional space in the kitchen.

Ice Usage

The next step is determining where and how ice will be used in the school. It may either be limited to the kitchen or used for other purposes. Full or half cube ice is most commonly used in most applications.

If the budget allows, you can also opt for multiple ice makers that can produce different types of ice. A flake ice machine, for example, is useful when you need ice to soothe bruises, burns, or pulled muscles of student-athletes during a sports event.

Flake ice can also be used to make snow cones, frozen beverages, and smoothies, making it a valuable addition to the concessions stand.

Other Reasons Why Schools Qualify for Commercial Ice Makers  

Besides being used in the school’s kitchen and concessions stand, commercial ice machines can also be placed in staff break rooms. Even if a school doesn’t serve beverages or soft drinks, there are various reasons to rent commercial ice machines.

Commercial ice machine

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