How Do Scotsman Ice Machines Keep Ice Safe and Sanitary?

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How Do Scotsman Ice Machines Keep Ice Safe and Sanitary?

A lot of manufacturers make commercial ice machines. So, what separates Scotsman ice makers from the rest of the units on the market? Their equipment uses touchless technology that minimizes contact with the unit to offer companies safe and clean ice.

At LA ICE MACHINE, we share your concern about your company’s ice supply. Due to this, we only provide our clients with our all-inclusive ice maker rental services. We have various Scotsman models available. These designs prevent cross-contamination while providing ice for your company.

Listed below are some benefits of owning a Scotsman machine.

It Helps Eliminate Cross-Contamination

Keeping ice safe and clean is important, considering how many people love ice. Since FDA regulates ice as food, it should be secured and taken care of in the same way as any other food item.   

Although it’s uncommon, ice can carry microorganisms temporarily. An ice dispenser, like any high-use device, may create contaminated ice if it has been polluted. Since ice safety procedures are the best approach to prevent unintentional contamination, Scotsman ice makers provide many safety features to protect users and staff.

AgION™ antibacterial substances are incorporated directly into important parts of Scotsman units. Your ice supply will be safer because of the technology’s ability to slow down the growth of germs. Our selection of touchless ice makers goes above and beyond when it comes to ice safety.

Users only need to set their mugs and glasses underneath the ice tube for the ice to start dispensing on its own. Ice is dispensed from the ice maker without ever needing to be touched by users. Hence why these ice makers are more hygienic and less likely to spread deadly diseases.

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Easy Maintenance

The exterior of a lot of Scotsman ice dispensers is made of sturdy stainless steel. This material is safe and resistant to the demands of active workplaces. No matter whether it’s countertop or under-counter, all Scotsman units’ front sides are easily accessible. As a result, technicians and consumers benefit from rapid and simple service.

Preventive and routine maintenance is important so that you won’t have expensive repairs to fix or dirty ice makers to clean. Well-maintained machines operate substantially better than ice units that aren’t regularly serviced.

Your equipment can be cleaned professionally to eliminate any germs or scale that may have accumulated on it. Scale can result in unclean ice and expensive repairs if it harms any of the ice maker’s parts.

We offer bi-annual maintenance as part of our rental solutions because they are crucial for operating an ice maker efficiently. A readily accessible ice maker reduces service time and costs because several ice dispenser service providers charge by the hour. Such an ice maker is also easier to maintain as a technician can thoroughly clean it.

Get Affordable Scotsman Ice Machines From LA ICE MACHINE

LA ICE MACHINE is a commercial ice machine rental company that offers rental services to all businesses in Los Angeles. Whether you want a Scotsman icemaker for your restaurant or an Ice-O-Matic machine for your hotel—we have all the top-tier manufacturers.

Reach out to us to learn more about our services.

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