How is Ice Used in Healthcare?

Ice chips at a hospital

How is Ice Used in Healthcare?

In the healthcare industry, ice is used for a variety of reasons. Commercial ice machines are used in hospitals to keep food and drink cold, as well as during medical procedures such as surgeries.

In this blog, we’ll discuss some ice uses in healthcare and explain how they are applied in the field.

Hydration Purposes

Many patients in hospitals cannot consume liquids due to a medical condition or injury, which can result in dehydration. In these cases, doctors may recommend that the patient consume fluids intravenously (IV) or through ice chips. Ice nuggets made by commercial ice machines are, therefore, essential to keep patients hydrated during recovery.

Cold Compress for Swelling

Ice is also used in the healthcare sector to treat swelling and inflammation. Patients recovering from surgery or other medical procedures often experience swelling in the affected area as the body recovers from the effects of the treatment.

The ice compresses help reduce the swelling and encourage healing. By cooling the area and reducing blood flow to the area, ice can help reduce pain and speed up the recovery time of the patient.

Physical Therapy

Another ice use in healthcare is in physical therapy. From ice compressors to ice baths, there are a wide variety of ways that physical therapists can utilize ice in their practices to treat injuries and improve mobility. Ice is used in different ways depending on the type of injury being treated.

Cleaning and Disinfecting

Ice is also widely used in the healthcare industry for various cleaning and disinfecting purposes. There are several medical and industrial equipment that requires regular cleaning to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses. For this reason, many medical facilities have ice machines to keep their equipment and instruments clean and sanitary.

Storing Samples

Pouring ice chips

Ice is used for samples such as vaccines, blood, and tissue that need to be stored outside the human body. To preserve these samples, they must be stored at low temperatures to ensure they remain viable.

Refrigeration units are insufficient for this purpose because the temperature can fluctuate too much during the long-term storage period. Ice can be used to store samples and maintain their viability for long periods.

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