How Manitowoc Ice Machines Became The LA Dodgers of Ice Machines

Manitowoc Ice Machinesfor rent in Los Angeles.

How Manitowoc Ice Machines Became The LA Dodgers of Ice Machines

Similar to how the LA Dodgers have dominated the world of baseball for decades and won 7 world series, Manitowoc Ice Machines also have outperformed other brands. If you are in the market for a new ice machine, then Manitowoc Ice Machines need to be at the very top of your list. Learn why it’s one of the very best in this blog.

Wide Variety of Options 

Just like the start-studded bench of the LA Dodgers, Manitowoc is known for being very versatile. It has a comprehensive lineup of over 200 machines that help to produce ice of up to 3,380 pounds a single day. This makes them perfect for small-scale restaurants and bars that get traffic, especially during the holiday season. 

Moreover, these machines can produce a wide variety of ice, including crushed ice, nuggets, and flakes. This will help make the food and drinks more aesthetically appealing and boost customer satisfaction levels.

Energy Efficiency

With rising energy prices, business owners ranking from offices to hotels are worried about their spiraling costs. When they buy Manitowoc Ice Machines they can have total peace of mind as the manufacturer is energy star certified. Its components include evaporators made of copper and nickel. The energy saving will pay back the cost of the machine in no time.

Easy to Clean

Manitowoc ice machines are super easy to operate. There is no need for any sort of tool and anyone can easily remove components such as probes, the machine’s pumps, the water trough, and splash shields to clean it thoroughly. This helps you focus on serving your customers instead of spending time cleaning the machine for hours. However, if you still don’t like to cleanit on your own, you can always outsource it to a reputable factory authorized dealer. 

Ice being scooped.

Rent Commercial Ice Machines in Los Angeles

On the lookout for affordable commercial ice machine rental services in Los Angeles? At LA Ice Machine, we have a proven track record of providing only the latest ice machines for offices and hospitals in Los Angeles. We also help with cleaning and maintenance so businesses can focus on improving their customer service.

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