How to Prepare Your Ice Machine for Summer

Preparing Commercial Ice machines for Summer

How to Prepare Your Ice Machine for Summer

The summer months see the highest demand for ice. The demand for cold beverages and cocktails increases at bars, hotels, hospitals, and offices. If you’re using our commercial ice machine solutions in LA, there are a few things you need to consider to prepare your ice machine for the scorching summer heat.  

When your ice machine creates ice in a hot atmosphere, the heat works against it, forcing it to work harder. The mounting temperatures, humid air, and other environmental factors decrease the productivity of your ice machines. High temperatures may even cause the equipment to shut down completely.

Here are some things you can do to keep your ice maker functioning well this summer.

Keep Track of Temperatures at Your Machine’s Location

Your commercial ice machine should be installed in a low-temperature area for optimal results. A common mistake restaurants make is placing their commercial ice machine in a boiling hot kitchen. Hot air around your ice machine puts immense stress on its compressor, causing it to slow down. Also, avoid putting the ice machine next to an oven, microwave, or refrigerator. These machines generate heat and make the ice machine work harder.

Check Air Vents Near Your Ice Machine

To cool down, all ice machines require ample space around them. If there are other items piled up around the sides, they will obstruct air ventilation and affect your ice machine’s performance. Your ice machine’s manual has all the instructions to keep the air vents clear. Also, check for dust on the air intake vent and regularly clean them to remove any dust particles.

Service Your Ice Machine Regularly

All ice machines require upkeep. It needs a thorough cleaning and maintenance every six months. Depending on the quality of your water, you may need to clean ice machine components more frequently. Ice machines work slower or show error messages if there are ice buildups around the evaporator or condenser. Maintain, clean, and inspect your machine for proper air circulation and operating temperature.

Check the temperature of the water.

If you’ve already experienced decreased ice production despite all the above precautions, it’s time to check your water temperature. If the water temperature is above 50°F, your ice machine naturally takes more time to freeze it into ice, resulting in longer ice cycle times. Check your water lines. Underground water lines are less likely to increase water temperature during summer. However, exposed water lines increase water temperature drastically if they are not insulated properly. Use proper insulation in case your water lines are exposed.

Water Lines Exposed to Outside Temperature

Prepare for potential ice shortages by stockpiling ice.

Even if you have taken preventative measures to prepare your ice machine for summer, increased demand may result in running out of ice. Preparing for summer shortages by storing ice in advance is a good idea. Keep excess ice in freezers to meet your customers’ ice needs.

LA Ice Machine Offers Reliable Commercial Ice Machine Solutions in LA

At LA Ice Machine, we offer premium quality rental commercial ice machines for restaurants, hospitals, and offices in LA. Our water filters, ice dispensers, and ice machines for commercial use are affordable and well-known for their reliability and efficiency.

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