How to Unclog the Water Line in Your Ice Maker?

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How to Unclog the Water Line in Your Ice Maker?

A clogged ice maker water line might seem like a serious issue, but it can often be fixed easily. The process is not very hard, and ice machine professionals can perform it quickly. However, if the problem persists despite your many efforts, it’s best to call ice machine technicians like the ones at LA Ice Machine to deal with the issue.

Moreover, the biggest challenge in unclogging an ice machine’s water line is identifying and eliminating the root cause. This is because many things can lead to this issue, which is why recognizing the right one is key.

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How to Unclog the Water Line in Your Ice Maker?

Unplug the machine and move it away from the wall to unclog the water line in your ice maker. Close the water line and disconnect it from the ice maker. Place a bucket underneath to catch any water from the pipe.

Once you have done this, it is time to troubleshoot the issue. As mentioned above, before you get started, you need to identify what is causing your ice maker water line to get clogged. Some common causes for this include:


Feel the water line with your hand and see if there are any kinks within the hose. If there were any kinks in the water line, they would have straightened when you pulled out the plug and pulled the ice machine away from the wall. Run your hand over the line again to ensure there are no folds, and carefully place the ice machine back in its location.

Ice Lumps

Another thing that might be clogging the line is lumps of ice. Again, you need to run your hand over the line and see if you feel any ice lumps stuck inside. As you have already unplugged the ice maker, give it time to melt and drain the water.

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Ice Machine Filter

Finally, if you haven’t changed your ice machine filter in a long time, you should consider doing so. It’s best to replace your water filter every six months or per the manufacturer’s instructions for optimal performance.

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