Ice and Water Dispensers: Are They Right for Your Business?

Ice water from an ice dispenser machine

Ice and Water Dispensers: Are They Right for Your Business?

Business spaces have to install the right equipment and technological tools to improve the overall quality of their products, services, and customer satisfaction. This is especially true for B2C business models where customers and clients can visit a physical facility.

Ice and water dispensing machines are one of the most important equipment for businesses. The integral machines meet daily water and ice requirements and enhance the value provided by a business.

Customers and clients are more likely to visit a store, shop, hotel, hospital, or restaurant with self-service access to fresh water and ice. Being an essential human need, water and ice availability can majorly impact your business loyalty and image.

This blog discusses all the reasons for installing an ice and water dispenser in commercial properties.

Low Cost of Maintenance

Water and ice dispensers are highly efficient and functional. These are now available in different configurations that are less vulnerable to malfunctions. As a result, businesses can enjoy lower maintenance costs while meeting daily water and ice needs.

Fewer Staff Members Required

By installing an ice and water dispenser, businesses can reduce the need to hire extra staff. For example, in hotels, restaurants, and offices, self-serving ice and water dispensers allow users to directly retrieve the product without needing assistance.

A glass of clean drinking water

Moreover, ice and water dispensers portray a very positive image of a business facility and showcase its customer-centric layout. Modern-day customers don’t like excessive staff intervention and are all about self-service options.

That’s exactly why businesses should be contacting LA Ice Machine to buy or rent an ice machine or an ice dispenser right away!

Better Energy Efficiency

Did you know that energy-efficient water and ice equipment can reduce a business’s carbon footprint by 70%? Yes! Most of the energy costs a business incurs are associated with electrical appliances, and ice dispensers are one of them.

By installing an advanced ice and water dispenser by brands such as Manitowoc, Scotsman, and Ice-O-Matic, you can significantly reduce energy consumption. Moreover, conscious electrical equipment choices also showcase a business’s eco-friendliness, making it more attractive to the target customer base.  

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