Ice Machine Cleaning and Sanitization

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Ice Machine Cleaning and Sanitization

Whether you operate a restaurant, a bar, a hotel, or any other business setting, you need to keep ice machines to reduce your financial spending on acquiring costly ice supplying services or purchasing bagged ice.  

While ice machines are highly efficient, keeping them unclean won’t only affect their longevity, it’ll also affect your customers’, employees’, and guests’ health and hygiene. You need to produce ice according to FDA standards.

Cleaning an Ice Machine


  • First, you need to remove the ice from the dispenser or bin. You can either do this by pressing the power button when the ice falls out from the evaporator, or you can press the switch to melt the ice completely.
  • Secondly, wipe the bin interior and remove water, excess dirt, and soil.
  • Now you can apply a high-quality diluted ice machine interior.
  • Let the cleaner rest to allow the deposits and scales to become softer and dissolve.
  • After 10-15 minutes, scrub the remaining stubborn deposits as per the requirement.
  • Wipe it again to dry it completely.
  • Once dried, apply the sanitizing solution thoroughly at every nook and corner of the ice maker.
  • Don’t rinse and just keep it in a cool, dry place to let it dry.


  • In addition to the interior of the ice machine, you also need to clean its exterior part. If you clean the interiors once every week, clean the exteriors daily. Exterior also includes the machines’ immediate surrounding area.
  • Use a damp cloth, thoroughly rinse it with clean water and wipe out the external part to remove dirt and dust. However, if you want to avoid scratches and dents, don’t use a cleaning brush or an abrasive pad.
  • Once you’re done wiping the dirt and dust, look for any sign of grease or a sticky residue. To wipe it off, take a cloth piece, rinse it in a mild dishwashing solution and rub it around the exteriors to remove the remaining greasy residue. Before this step, we strongly suggest you check the manual to see if there are any restrictions.


  • Prepare sanitizer by diluting the standard ice machine sanitizer with lukewarm water.
  • Now sanitize the removed components of the ice machine using a spray bottle or a wipe.
  • Sanitize the surfaces that come in regular contact with the food, such as the dispenser walls and base.
  • Put back the removed components and wait for about 20 to 30 minutes to let it dry and then switch it on.

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