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What Are Flaker
Ice Machines?

The hospitality industry is all about entertaining guests and providing them with the best services you possibly can. It’s why an ice machine for hotels is a rather common investment that helps hotels keep their customers satisfied; after all, who doesn’t love free, clean, and abundant ice?

Hotel ice machines enable hotel guests and employees to retrieve ice whenever they want for various hospitality applications. For instance, guests use ice machines to fill their coolers and ice buckets and have iced drinks. The staff uses them to keep customers happy with iced cocktails and non-alcoholic beverages. These machines also keep the hotel from buying ice from outside vendors.

LA ICE MACHINE has various ice machine models for hotels you can browse through to find the machine that suits your needs.

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How To Choose An Ice Machine For Hotels & How Many Will You Need?

When choosing a hotel ice machine, you must consider several factors. Firstly, you must determine how much ice you will need daily per room. Typically hotels need more than one ice maker to cater to the demand of their guests.

However, the type and quantity of ice machines you get will depend on how many rooms and floors your establishment have and how many guests you get daily. Typically, you should reserve 5 pounds of ice per room as customers like to use the free ice for their coolers and ice buckets. Since you will need multiple ice machines, it’s best to rent them rather than buy individual machines, which will cost a lot.

You must look for a machine with removable parts so that you can clean it regularly to prevent the growth of fungus, algae, mold, mildew, and bacteria. You can rent a machine with a simple cleaning cycle so that you can clean and sanitize it with the press of a few buttons. Get a machine with a removable bin so you can manually scrub and clean it.

LA ICE MACHINE Will Help You Choose the Model That Suits Your Needs

Whether you need an under-counter ice machine model for behind-the-bar use or a hotel ice machine with an automatic dispenser for easy customer access, LA ICE MACHINE can help you find the model that suits your need. We have no shortage of premium ice machines, and our friendly staff will understand your requirements before guiding you toward the ideal ice machine for hotels.

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Why Rent from La Ice Machine?

LA ICE MACHINE offers a 24-7 emergency service to help you provide continuous free ice to your guests. When you rent an ice machine for hotels from us, you also get access to our certified commercial repair specialists who can install and maintain your rented machine. This way, the equipment will remain in mint condition for years. You can also benefit from our warranty programs and impeccable customer service.