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Why Get an Ice Machine for Restaurants

Getting an ice machine for restaurants is a practical and convenient decision as it enables you to have clean ice ready for your customers. Depending on your business needs, you can also save time by bagging and storing the excess ice for the next day.

Having an ice machine at your restaurant will ensure that your customers can have chilled smoothies, shakes, mocktails, and cocktails whenever they want. You can also serve ice nuggets, flake ice, crescent ice, and cubed ice with a professional ice machine.

If you have a cocktail bar at your restaurant, investing in ice machines for your establishment will enable you to prepare your piña coladas, mojitos, margaritas, and other cold drinks with fresh ice. It will help save a lot of time during summer when customers demand iced drinks. With a handy ice machine, you can ensure your business never runs out of instant ice.

Top-Quality Ice Machines for Your Restaurant

LA ICE MACHINE has many ice machines you can rent for your restaurant. We ensure our machines churn out clean, fresh, and frozen ice throughout the day or as per your requirements. It will help you keep your food chilled and make fresh drinks whenever your customers demand them. You can choose from various ice machines of different styles and configurations to select equipment best suited for your ice-producing needs.

Why Renting an Ice Machine Is Better Than Buying

While investing in an ice machine might make sense for some commercial places, most restaurants will benefit from renting one instead, as it requires you to spend significantly less. You don’t have to worry about the upfront buying cost and repair costs if the machine breaks down. So, renting an ice machine for restaurants is the smart, more practical decision when you have budgetary considerations.

Moreover, if the ice-making equipment gives out before its lifetime, you might be unable to get your money’s worth out of it. However, when renting similar equipment, you can simply replace it with another without worrying about the buying cost. Renting will also enable you to replace the rented machine with a newer, more efficient model, upgrading the ice machine without paying for a new one. You can explore our ice machines to choose the model you wish to rent for your restaurant.

Why Rent from La Ice Machine?

LA ICE MACHINE offers a 24-7 emergency service to help you stay at the top of your game. When you rent an ice machine for restaurants from us, you also get access to our certified commercial repair specialists who can install and maintain your rented machine. This way, the equipment will remain in mint condition for years. You can also benefit from our warranty programs and impeccable customer service.