Ice Machine for Schools

Commercial Ice Machine for Schools

Even though ice machines have been a part of hotels, restaurants, and bars for years, they have only made their place in schools in recent years. Today, you can find a premium ice machine for schools in all educational institutes that use this equipment in their on-campus eateries, hallways, and cafes. It allows students, faculty, and support staff to access free and fresh ice for cold beverages at lunch and the rest of the day.

You will need to invest in a top-rated ice machine to ensure it can produce the many pounds of ice your school’s students will likely go through during the day, especially at the busy lunch hour. LA ICE MACHINE has an impressive collection of ice machines you can explore to find the ice machine ideal for your school.

Find the Right Ice Machine for School Usage

Consider where you will place the equipment when finding an ice machine for school use. For instance, you can put the machine in the faculty break room, staff hall, kitchen, cafeteria, and student hallways. However, before you purchase an ice machine for schools, you must consider your institute’s size and capacity.

Bigger schools with more students will probably require an ice machine with a higher production capacity to meet the daily demand for ice, especially if the café serves cold beverages. On the flip side, a smaller school will not require a heavy-duty ice machine as it will not need significantly large amounts of ice. If your school has fewer students and faculty, you can look at compact ice machine models.

The type of ice machine you choose will also depend on how and when the ice will be used on the premises. Will it be limited to kitchen usage, or do you also plan on installing the machine in the hallway or café? If your budget allows for renting multiple machines, you can certainly invest in different models for different locations.

Similarly, you can look at machines based on the type of ice they produce. For instance, flake ice is ideal for soothing bruises, burns, and pulled muscles, all of which are possible in a school with young children and athletes. It’s also useful for making smoothies and other cold beverages.

At LA ICE MACHINE, all you have to do is discuss your ice machine requirements with us, and we will guide you toward the model that best suits your needs.


LA ICE MACHINE offers a 24-7 emergency service to help you maintain your reputation and optimal care standards. When you rent an ice machine for schools from us, you also get access to our certified commercial repair specialists who can install and maintain your rented machine. This way, the equipment will remain in mint condition for years. You can also benefit from our warranty programs and impeccable customer service.