Ice Machine Not Producing Ice, What Should You Do?

Ice Machine Not Producing Ice, What Should You Do?

Ice machines are relatively simple machines that work independently and need negligible human supervision apart from a few regular check-ups and maintenance. But this doesn’t mean ice machines don’t break or stop working.

Oftentimes, ice machines stop producing ice. This is not an alarming situation but can cause problems, especially if you’re using the ice machine for commercial purposes, like in bars or restaurants.

If your ice machine stops producing ice, here are the possible reasons for it and what you should do about it.

1. Clogged Water Line

If an ice machine isn’t producing ice, or the shape and size of the cubes aren’t normal, this means that there is a clog in the line that supplies water to the machine. Now, this clog could be because of anything, even frozen water. A clogged water line will need to be repaired by a professional plumber. You can unclog a line that is clogged due to frozen water by turning off the machine and the water supply and running warm water over the line or the pipe. Or you can use a hairdryer to apply heat and warm air to the line.

Turn the water back on after defrosting the ice, and check if the water is coming through. Otherwise, call a plumber.

2. Clogged Water Filter

The water line is not the only thing that can get clogged. If the water filter of the ice machine is clogged, it will restrict the water supply to the machine. Lesser water means lesser or no ice cubes.

There is no servicing or repairing of the water filter, you’ll have to get a new one and get it replaced by a professional.

3. Electrical/Mechanical Issue

There can be multiple electrical or mechanical issues in an ice machine. If you’re recently moved the ice machine, check if the electrical socket it is plugged into is working fine. Check if the control arms aren’t switched off by accident. Plugin the ice machine properly again after switching it off for a while, and check after that.

The problem could also be with the motor of the machine which ejects the ice. If the mold has ice, and it’s not ejecting, that means the motor or the gear is malfunctioning. This will have to be serviced by a professional only.

4. Not Enough Water Supply

Sometimes, the water supply setting restricts ice machines from making enough ice, or big enough ice cubes. Make sure it’s not the setting that is causing the problem.

If your ice maker still has issues, you should get it checked by a professional. If you are looking for ice machine solutions in LA, consider LA Ice Machine. We provide ice machine cleaning and maintenance services. We also provide ice machines for commercial or office use, and you can rent ice machines as well. For more information, contact us on +18183403644 or email us at LAICEMACHINELLC@GMAIL.COM

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