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Ice machines are necessary for any hospital. It is used every day in hospitals by staff, visitors, patients, nurses, and doctors. Regardless of if you are buying it the first time for your hospital or you are in search of a new ice machine; ensure that you are exploring every detail to make the perfect decision for the hospital. We have been offering Industrial Solutions for Hospitals and assisting a hospital to take care of their patients by offering them the ice that people will love. Also if you need ice during any medical needs, we are the ultimate savior. We provide the broadest variety of ice along with machines including those that are energy efficient and also save a lot of costs.

Why are Ice Machines required at hospitals?

There are many reasons why the healthcare facilities like hospitals need an ice machine on-site. Consider the hours the staffs or patients spend in a hospital every day. For some people, it is like their second home. So it is necessary to offer ice to visitors, staff, and patients. Few reasons why ice machines are required are:

  • Offering beverages to their staff and visitors
  • Keep patients well hydrated
  • Taking care of injuries like swelling
  • Requirement during physical therapy

Are you confused regarding where to locate the ice machine in your hospital? We have professionals who will help you with it. If an ice machine is required for taking care of patients you will wish to provide your doctors, nurses, and other staff easy access to the machine. Some hospitals are also seen to consider include the machine for visitors and patients to use. We will assist you in selecting from some common areas and locating the ice machine there in the hospital:

  • Main location in each floor or wing
  • Cafeteria
  • Nurses’ station
  • Waiting room

We suggest placing ice machine dispensers in cafeterias, waiting rooms, and some common spaces for boosting the satisfaction of patients along with comfort. You may wish to aid staff members in accessing the machines easily. So if you locate it near the nurses’ station or in some space that can be accessed easily on each floor it will be perfect.


Select the suitable machines

These days various ice machines are available in the market. Are you finding it challenging to decide which one will be most suitable for your hospital? Take our assistance and get hold of the best one. At first, understand how the ice machine will get used in your hospital such as will you use it in a cafeteria and waiting room or for treating injuries and requirements for physical therapy. We have these two ice machines that will serve your requirements:
  • Countertop ice machine: Countertop ice dispensers are perfect for use by visitors and not by the staff in the hospital. They will be producing their ice and allowing users to dispense the ice easily into a cup and not use any scoop. Add a smaller model that will dispense a lot of ice.
  • Modular ice machine: These machines will be producing the highest amount of ice every day. If you have a big and hectic hospital and you require a huge amount of ice production every day, consider such ice machines. Remember that if you include modular ice machines the output of ice will be doubled or tripled.

Why select us for supplying ice machines to hospitals?

  • Cost-saving: We aid hospitals in keeping their costs very less. As a result, they can stay focused on their budgets regarding the updated technology and add enhanced care for their patients. An ice machine that is maintained and taken care of properly will save a lot of money that you need to spend on costly service and repair. The ice machines that we will be supplying for industrial solutions for hospitals will be staying in the finest shape throughout the year. You will also get discounted rates if you apply for subscriptions for more than 1 unit. With more ice machines you will be saving more money for your hospital.
  • Energy-saving: Most of our ice machines that are supplied to hospitals are energy-efficient ones. So at very low energy disbursement, you will be getting the finest quality tool for your hospital. We offer preventive maintenance biannually. Thus the machines become more energy efficient during their usage. So your energy bills will be lowered for all facilities along with clinics.
  • Time-saving: We will be looking after your ice machines. It will include service, repairs, sanitization, and other costs related to ice machines. Thus no time will be wasted calling us or paying more for repairs.

No Capital. No Hassle. Just Ice

No matter what your industry type is , we will help you find the perfect ice-making equipment that fits your business’s requirements.

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The main concern of every hospital is keeping their patients along with staff safe. An ice machine may not be a regular piece of medical tool, it will cause accidental infections. Often they are overlooked and if they are not maintained and taken care of properly, they will cause issues. Contact us to get hold of the best ice machine for Industrial Solutions for Hospitals. We will follow proper techniques of ice handling and clean the machine daily that will aid in keeping your hospital safe.