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The Ultimate Alternative for Ice Makers In Restaurants

Ice is an essential item for the menus in bars and restaurants. An ice maker is a basic thing for a restaurant. But it is expensive to have one. So for industrial solutions for restaurants that need ice we are there to assist. For local restaurants and large chains, it is hassle-free to get a trustworthy supply from us and save both their valuable time along money. Our thorough program is the ultimate solution for each business. Few things such as professional cleaning and maintenance are included in the total cost of the ice machine. Our subscriptions for ice machines have been offering advantages to a lot of renowned restaurants without the expense and difficulties of owning an ice maker.

Use of ice for industrial solutions

  • Safety of food: Ice trays makes sure that sauces used in restaurants along with boiled pasta or salad dressing stay fresh.
  • Preparation of food: Ice baths make the ideal vegetable, poached eggs, and so on.
  • Safe cooking: If you use ice it will make soups get cooled fast and without any high contamination risk you can safely stock them.
  • Creating salad bars or displays: If you plan to display foods such as seafood or salads, having an ice tray is essential.
  • Serving beverages or cocktails: A customer who will visit your restaurant will love cold drinks. You can serve them beverages and cocktails using some ice cubes. Ice will also keep cans and bottles cool.

Rely on us

Do you wish to offer an excellent experience to your customers in your restaurant? Then it is really vital to have an ice maker that will never let you down in this food industry. If you are thinking of investing in buying a new ice machine, think twice. Have a look at our subscription for commercial ice. You will be able to keep a full supply of ice all year round.

Service across various locations

If you are having multiple locations of your restaurant, it will not be challenging for us. Once you partner with us, we will be supplying ice to your locations anywhere in the country. We have been offering smooth and economical solutions for restaurants in Southern California. Areas such as San Fernando Valley, San Gabriel Valley, South Bay, Long Beach, Greater LA, and Orange County, etc. fall under our services.

No Capital. No Hassle. Just Ice

No matter what your industry type is , we will help you find the perfect ice-making equipment that fits your business’s requirements.

Why should you choose us?

If you are looking for experts in the field of restaurant ice solutions, you have come to the right place. Let us know your requirements and we will fulfil them.


Do not stress about the ice machine and stay focussed on your customers: If you wish to spend your precious time along with money, then do it on your customers. Do not worry about the ice machine. Trust us completely as with our subscription you do not have to face any hidden charges. It will come with cleaning, replacement of water filter, and preventive maintenance. Any repair and labour along with the need for part of the ice makers are covered in the subscription each month. Our professionals will happily assist you in selecting the perfect ice machine for your restaurant.

Trustworthy and energy-efficient: We make use of excellent ice makers for industrial solutions for restaurants as they decrease energy usage for the business and make it eco-friendly. If an ice machine is well maintained then additional 25% efficiency is provided by them and they last longer offering better performance. Thus preventive maintenance sessions along with repairs are covered by us to address any problem and let you serve your customers without any hindrance.

Invest smartly: If you partner with us, there is no need to spend money on any shifty industrial ice machine. Our subscriptions will allow you to free up additional capital for promotion, staff, and other essentials for your restaurant. Once your restaurant will start growing and expanding, your ice machine will too.

Excellent and assured service: Business suffers a lot when there is a shortage of ice in restaurants. We believe that is not acceptable. Hence we ensure none of our restaurant partners face such a problem. During a hectic holiday or rush hours at lunch, we ensure that a restaurant never faces any ice shortage. You can be stress-free becoming aware that we are always there looking for you. Our customer support experts are always there to answer your call 24*7. Any restaurant having their ice maker for repairs will get a breakdown ice supply from us to continue their job of serving their customers.


Get in touch with us now

We understand how valuable a restaurant is to a business owner. If you have an ice supply that is clean, fine quality, and trustworthy, you will be stress free. If the ice machine stops working, you can let us know and we will offer you an alternate feasible solution. So contact us now and stay relaxed regarding the ice supply in your restaurant.