Installation Requirements for Commercial Ice Machines

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Installation Requirements for Commercial Ice Machines

Once you’ve decided the type of ice machine you need, it’s crucial to consider the installation requirements, such as the most suitable location for the equipment. We’ve simplified the installation process for you by creating an ice machine installation checklist.   

Determining the Correct Power Supply

Ensure you provide the correct power supply for your ice machine by measuring it in amperage or voltage. Like every other commercial refrigeration equipment you have, you’ll need an appropriate circuit for the ice machine.

The wiring used to power the machine goes directly from the junction box or socket to the circuit breaker panel without any other power supplies. It’s better to hire a professional electrician to fulfill the electrical requirements of your ice machine.  

Floor Drain Nearby

The next step is to ensure that you place your ice machine closer to the floor drain. Commercial ice machines constantly release water as a part of their operation. According to the health departments of municipalities, you must have a floor sink for efficient drainage.

Make sure that the drain line isn’t crossing a hallway. If gallons of water produced by the machine have nowhere to go, you may end up dealing with a health code violation.  

Adequate Water Supply

The ice machine must have an adequate water supply where it’s placed. Small commercial units need a ¼ inch water supply. During the installation, it’s better to use an angle-stop type of valve that has a compression or flare style connection.

You can also use any other shut-off valve, given that the line size is appropriate for the ice maker you’re purchasing or renting. Hire a licensed plumber who can assist you with these requirements.

Favorable Environment

While deciding the most suitable location for your ice maker, ensure it has adequate airflow to prevent debris and dust particles from clogging the machine.

Once the machine is successfully installed and ready to operate, maintain a room temperature between 40 and 95-degrees Fahrenheit. It’s best to keep it away from hot appliances and the kitchen line.  

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