Is Your Manitowoc Water Pump Damaged? Here’s What You Need to Know

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Is Your Manitowoc Water Pump Damaged? Here’s What You Need to Know

A Manitowoc ice machine‘s water pump transfers water from the trough to the circulation tube, where it finally reaches the evaporator. Sending water down the pipe also washes the trough in certain models. The ice maker will be turned off if a pump malfunctions or grows weak. If the water pump in a Manitowoc ice maker breaks, you can get an expert to come and replace it for you.

There is never a good time for an ice maker to break down. Whether you need ice for your restaurant or for hotels, they’re an important piece of equipment that needs to be properly working. Here’s a closer look at the process of changing a commercial ice maker’s water pump.

Water Curtain Removal

In these commercial ice machines, water curtains have two functions. Firstly, it doesn’t disrupt the ice-making process by splashing the water and sending it back to the trough. This saves water in the ice dispenser and delays the ice melting process. Secondly, it helps out in the harvesting cycle. You can take down the water curtain by gently flexing it in the middle on the right side, this loosens it and makes it detachable. Similarly, you can remove the left pin.

Water Trough Removal

The water trough holds the water before it freezes and turns into ice. Here’s how you can take it out:

  • Push the two tabs on the top of the water trough.
  • Remove the left and right ice dampers to empty the water trough.
  • Just push it forward, and it’ll remove the water trough.

Water Pump Removal

Every commercial ice maker, including those made by Manitowoc, uses a water pump. The distribution tube near the evaporator is used to distribute the water drawn from the trough by the water pump and forced up by the tubing. A constant water flow should be supplied by the water pump, but it shouldn’t be so powerful as to prevent the water stream from falling. Here’s how you can remove the water pump:

  • Grab the pump assembly and push directly down until the electrical contact is exposed and the water pump is disabled.
  • It is necessary to unplug the electrical cable.
  • Take off the water pump component of the ice maker.
  • The motor should not be cleaned or sanitized with a cleaning or sanitizing solution.

Installing A New Water Pump

It’s important to repair or install a new water pump after you’ve taken all these parts out of the Manitowoc ice maker. Replace the old one with the new one you’ve purchased. After the new water pump is installed, you must reinstall a water trough and curtain.

If you need help figuring out how to install a new water pump, let the expert technicians at LA Ice Machine handle this for you. We offer commercial ice machine rental services in Los Angeles. We can help out with installation, maintenance, and repair. Our technicians are available 24/7 for emergency repair services.

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