Knowing the Difference Between Air-Cooled and Water-Cooled Ice Machines

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Knowing the Difference Between Air-Cooled and Water-Cooled Ice Machines

There are several options available today when it comes to commercial ice makers. Before you decide on the top-notch ice machine for your company, you must consider the kind of ice cubes you want, the storage capacity, size, and several other aspects. One thing to consider is where and how the ice machine will let out the heat it produces while creating ice.

Both water-cooled and air-cooled ice dispensers can take care of that. To assist you in selecting the best ice maker for your needs, let’s discuss the differences between these two ice dispensers.

Air-Cooled Ice Dispenser

These ice makers use air to move heat away from the device and are commonly known as “air cooled.”The unit’s inner vents and fans move air throughout the equipment. The inner heat of the condenser coils is dissipated by air circulation, which is later expelled through vents in the back or sides of the commercial ice maker.

Since they are typically less expensive to run, air-cooled ice makers are more common than water-cooled ones. They’re also beneficial for the environment because they use less energy. Many air-cooled ice makers carry the Energy Star label, which means they use less power than units of comparable but less energy-efficient ice makers.

Ice makers that use air cooling perform best in sanitary, temperature-controlled settings. The rate at which the device can make ice reduces when utilized in hot climates. This is because the condenser coils cannot remove a lot of hot air.

If it’s placed in an enclosed room with little ventilation, recirculated air will grow increasingly hotter until the ice maker shuts off from heat overload. Operating an air-cooled ice dispenser frequently in a warm setting can result in an overworked device and shortened machine life.

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Water-Cooled Ice Dispenser

These commercial ice makers use water instead of air to move heat away from the appliance. Water coils in these units are positioned next to condenser coils. The condenser coils heat the water, which is released from the ice machine. This allows the unit to maintain a cool temperature.

Ice makers that use water cooling are most frequently used in environments where the temperature is hard to control. These don’t rely on ambient air to remove heat. As a result, they can work in settings with intense heat without the machine’s productivity declining.

Water consumption is a problem in such ice machines. Generally, water-cooled machines use five times as much water as air-cooled machines to produce the same amount of ice. If your business has recirculating water supply, you can reuse this water. Older buildings don’t typically have this; therefore, all that water is poured down the drain.

As with any ice machine, these also require maintenance. You’ll need to hire a skilled ice machine technician because these cleanings call for specific cleansers. All of LA Ice Machine’s clients receive routine maintenance. We offer a comprehensive ice machine rental program in Los Angeles that includes an ice machine, dispenser or bin, and water filters.

Additionally, our crew is made up of skilled experts capable of handling any type of repair, no matter how big or small. We get your commercial ice machine running the first time correctly by properly installing them.

No matter what kind of ice cube you want, whichever industry you belong to, or whatever services you require; we’ll help you out! Contact us!

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