Ice Machines

About Manitowoc Ice

Manitowoc Ice was founded in 1964, standing as a recognized ice maker since they offer innovative ice technology. They have made great leaps in technology for ice production, cleaning, diagnostics, display, and maintenance. There are so many products that you can get from them, such as ice makers, ice bins, dispensers, and combination makers.

Manitowoc Ice is committed to providing machines that satisfy commercial needs. They add value to their machines with an increased focus on conservation and technology. They offer QuietCube technology to meet NSF sanitation standards, resulting in great overall quality.

Why Rent the Manitowoc Ice Machines?

If you need a high-quality and high volume of ice for your commercial business, renting Manitowoc Ice can be a good idea. You can get water-cooled and air-cooled ice machines with all the needed accessories and compatible parts. They also have specialized ice dispensers for your self-serve areas, hotels, restaurants, cafeterias, and more. The machines come with filtration equipment, so you will be offering the freshest, cleanest ice to your customers.

Take advantage of the 200 models offered by Manitowoc ice machines and provide quality ice. Renting the ice machine means you will be able to take advantage of many ice styles like flakers, cubers, and nugget ice. Even half-dice cubes are possible, producing 900 pounds of ice in a day.

Who Can Benefit from Commercial Manitowoc Ice Machines?

There are many different commercial ice machines that you can use for your business! From modular models and self-contained designs to a variety of ice types, you have your pick.

The following industries and businesses could benefit from Manitowoc Ice machines:

A person using an ice machine.

Why Rent from La Ice Machine?

LA ICE MACHINE offers a 24-7 emergency service that can help you stay at the top of your game. When you rent a Manitowoc Ice machine from us, you also get access to our certified commercial repair specialists that can install and maintain your ice machine for you. This means that it stays at top working conditions for years to come. You can also take advantage of our warranty programs and reliable customer service.