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Nicholas Zastoke - Bio

My mission is to improve people’s lives by leveraging my past learnings, present knowledge, and future goals.

Hi, I’m Nicholas Zastoke, an entrepreneur, and I serve as the Chief Financial Officer and Vice President at LA ICE MACHINE. The Bachelor of Science in Business Management degree I earned from CSUN put me on the path to becoming an entrepreneur and successful businessman. Possessing a wealth of expertise working with customers and providing services in a variety of commercial settings such as restaurants, hospitals, hotels, or corporate places – I am ready to make my mark in the world!

Thanks to my extensive experience and ongoing professional development, I have developed a special rapport and solid contacts within the industry, which have enabled me to contribute to the success of every setting I am involved in. As a businessman, you are in charge of every aspect of production, from brainstorming ideas to promoting the finished goods. As an entrepreneur who worked hard to build his empire from the ground up, this has made me an excellent multitasker and jack of all trades. I have acquired valuable experiences in a wide range of domains and honed my skills in several aspects. My problem-solving and swift communication abilities have further helped establish strong ties with my clientele and built their trust in my services.

I have had my feet firmly planted on the ground and have always taken a practical approach to both my professional and personal life. This plays a pivotal role when it comes to critical decision-making. I am incredibly calculative and weigh the pros and cons before drawing a logical conclusion. As an entrepreneur, I want to be profitable, but never at the expense of my customers – they always come first. My creative abilities, adaptability, resiliency, loyalty, and desire have all translated into my business, enabling me to provide customers with the most satisfactory experience as a client. For me, my clients are more than just a name; developing a personal relationship with them is the most rewarding way to interact with them.

Life is full of challenges, and I’m ready to face them headstrong. This is why I have established goals for myself in the long term that I aim to achieve. In the next five years, one of my primary goals is to expand the reach of my company. Within the next 10 years, one of my primary goals for my company is to amass a significant customer base. In the next twenty years, I hope that my company is skyrocketing and that all of my clients will be content with the services they receive.

My friends and colleagues describe me as a devoted friend who always wants the best for everyone. I’m more than fortunate for this ability as it has been my driving force for attaining success, both in my personal as well as professional life.

Outside work, I am a doting father to a beautiful 12-year-old girl. To me, nothing is more important than my family, and you will often find me spending quality time with my loved ones outside of work. Even though I have a lot on my plate, I make it a priority to spend time with the people I care about to strike a healthy balance between my professional and personal life. My younger nephews have asked me to coach them in soccer because I have a passion for both my family and athletics. I firmly believe that engaging in charitable activities is beneficial to one’s mental health, which is why I assist an elderly acquaintance who is battling cancer. I also enjoy listening to music, discovering good food, and having stimulating conversations with people.

Being a visionary is hardly a walk in the park. Inspiring faith in your vision in others is an even greater challenge. As a business owner, your day-to-day concerns revolve around dreams for the future, and I have the skills and experience to generate novel solutions to common problems. Sometimes it ends up becoming a huge hit. Sometimes it serves as an excellent lesson for upcoming success. As long as I continue to educate myself, grow and take charge of my leadership responsibilities – I am unstoppable!

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