Modular Ice Maker vs. Undercounter Ice Maker: Know the Difference

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Modular Ice Maker vs. Undercounter Ice Maker: Know the Difference

differently but serve the same purpose: making ice. If you’re considering getting a commercial ice machine for your business, now is a good time to invest in buying or opting for rental programs.

Modular and under-counter ice makers are two top commercial ice machines used in food, hospitality, and other industries. Although both commercial ice machines have top-of-the-line functions, they have different capacities.

Read on to learn more about the different types of ice machines to make an informed decision for your business:

Modular Ice Makers

Modular ice machines are different than other ice machines because they are separate ice units used in bars and restaurants. Modular ice makers are installed al a carte as a separate dispenser by business owners.

The best brand for modular ice makers is Hoshizaki. It’s an ideal choice for businesses operating in food and hospitality. It not only helps you serve fresh and palatable ice but also saves a lot of space, especially in a bar or restaurant setting.

Modular ice makers also fit in smaller spaces and can easily be installed and used in business places with lower ceilings.

Ice Production

One of the main reasons modular ice-making machines are so famous in the industry is because of the output of the ice.

The modular ice maker is low-profile and has good ice output. Businesses like grocery stores, ice cream shops, and others who need ice on hand can benefit from this ice maker. It can produce up to 50 to 3000 lbs of ice every day.

Under-counter Ice Makers

Under-counter ice makers are designed to fit into a cabinet. Undercounter ice-making machines are commonly used in bars, coffee shops, and corporate offices. They’re installed as appliances under or into a cabinet.

Under-counter ice makers make ice in large quantities for long periods. However, this ice maker is difficult to move around. Once it’s installed, it remains fixed in the same place. The best deal is that under-counter ice makers require very little repair and maintenance work.

Ice Production

Under-counter ice makers are also suitable for households. If you like to throw cocktail parties or host many guests at home, this ice maker is ideal.

Unlike modular ice makers, under-counter ice makers can meet both residential and commercial ice needs. It’s an automated ice machine and can run for hours, so you wouldn’t have to worry about running out of ice, ever.

Ice cubes from a commercial ice maker

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