Nugget Ice Machines

What Are Nugget
Ice Machines?

Nugget ice is also known as Sonic or pebble ice. The irresistible texture and small size of the ice make it perfect for the food and beverage industry. It’s small enough to pack completely into a glass or cup. The ice is made with compressed layers of ice that create a well-formed nugget, allowing liquid to move. It is known to melt quite evenly, keeping drinks cool and even making it fun to chew on later on.

Nugget Ice: Perfect for Beverages

Not all ice is the same! We feel that it is indeed the best ice because the ice machines create small chunks that are chewable and soft.

They are made with the auger system, compacting ice flakes to produce the porous, soft cube that can take on the flavor of any drink you add it to.

It is known not to crack the teeth when you are chewing it. It even goes perfectly when creating a great plate of shrimp or oysters since the nugget ice is known to melt evenly.

So, you cannot overlook the nugget ice machine! Renting the nugget ice machine will mean you have a high-quality system of ice production in your business.

Renting the Best Nugget Ice Machines

The nugget ice machines for rent can be used for commercial businesses as a countertop model. Restaurants and caterers might find that it can be unnecessary to buy one since it can be expensive, but renting one ensures that it is an affordable option for you. They have a great capacity to store and create ice than a small ice maker in the freezer.

When you are renting a nugget ice machine, check how much it can produce and store and whether you will need to fill it manually or hook it up to a line of water. You might also want to know if the nugget ice machine dispenses the ice directly into the cup, which is better for daily use, while others store the ice in the bin. This can be better for large-scale use since you can just scoop it up for use.

Why Rent from La Ice Machine?

LA ICE MACHINE offers a 24-7 emergency service that can help you stay at the top of your game. When you rent a nugget ice machine from us, you also get access to our certified commercial repair specialists that can install and maintain your ice machine for you. This means that it stays at top working conditions for years to come. You can also take advantage of our warranty programs and reliable customer service.