Office Kitchen Rules for Safe Ice Machine Usage

Ice produced by an ice machine

Office Kitchen Rules for Safe Ice Machine Usage

Ice machines are a major investment, and you can’t afford regular malfunctioning of this equipment. If not used properly, you may experience frequent ice shortages and the consistent need to spend your money on purchasing bagged ice.

If you maintain a commercial ice machine in good condition, it can operate with the same efficiency for more than a decade! Here’s are some guidelines for safe ice machine usage.

Keep It Clean!

If not cleaned and sanitized regularly, ice machines can spread bacteria. If you want to prevent the spread of harmful germs and illnesses within your facility, we strongly suggest you develop an ice machining cleaning schedule and establish strict office kitchen rules. Make sure your staff strictly complies with these rules under all circumstances and that the cleaning schedule is never compromised.

Rules for Employees

  • Everyone should wash or sanitize their hands before and after they use the machine.
  • Everyone using the machine should use a fresh cup or at least clean their cups between refills.
  • Nobody should be allowed to dump other beverages such as coffee, drinks, or other food into the tray. Everyone must pour these items into the sink. Only the beverages coming directly from the machine should be allowed to go down its drain line.

How to Clean

  • Spray or wipe a disinfectant solution and leave it to rest for 10 minutes or more.
  • Rinse away the solution with water to thoroughly clear away the bleach.
  • Grab a high-quality sanitizing solution and spray it for at least 2 minutes.
  • Allow the sanitization solution to air dry. Don’t rinse it away with the water.
  • Once the surface is completely dried out, you can start using it again for regular use.
  • If you use an ice and beverage dispenser, pour some undiluted bleach down its drain, once every week. This is especially important if people dump other beverages into it.

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