Hoshizaki B-500PF 30″ Ice Storage Bin with Vinyl Finish

Hoshizaki B-500PF 30″ ice storage bin with vinyl finish is designed for performance and built to envy. This ice storage bin is the perfect solution for bars and restaurants specializing in specialty icy-cold cocktails. With this ice storage bin in your kitchen, you can be confident that you will never run out of ice, and your customers will savor and enjoy their chilled beverages till the last sip. It works best with Hoshizaki KMD-410 and KMD-460 models.

For food and beverage businesses with a tight budget investing in the Hoshizaki B-500PF 30″ ice storage bin with vinyl finish may not be feasible because of its high cost. But don’t worry; you can still get an efficient ice storage bin through our rental program.

LA Ice Machine offers a wide range of ice storage bins & dispensers on rent, including a B-500PF 30″ ice storage bin. With one low fixed monthly rental fee, we provide our clients peace of mind, access to cutting-edge ice storage products, and flexibility to upgrade. Rent now.

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Best Features of Hoshizaki B-500PF 30″ Ice Storage Bin

Plenty of Storage

Catering to high-demand specialty drinks with ice of mid and large crowds is always a challenge for local bars. But with the Hoshizaki B-500PF ice storage bin, you can meet all customer needs successfully. Featuring a 30” wide storage space, you can store around 500 lbs of ice ready to serve in this bin.

Excellent Ice Preservation

The Hoshizaki B-500PF is a powerhouse. The foamed and intact polyurethane-insulated walls and bottom ensures excellent ice preservation. So you never have to deal with melted ice. The ice remains frozen longer, and the cubes don’t clump together.

Sanitary Storage

Another feature worth highlighting is that the ice stored inside the Hoshizaki B-500PF bin remains fresh. The liner of this ice storage bin is made with polyethylene which is touted for its maximum hygiene and health benefits. Furthermore, it is deployed with the patented H-Guard Plus Antimicrobial technology for enhanced protection against bacteria.

Ergonomic Design

The sturdy and ergonomic design of the Hoshizaki B-500PF makes it convenient to use. The top-hinged door opening from the front makes it easy to scoop and retrieve ice, while the standard 6 inches adjustable flange legs allow you to raise or lower the machine for hassle-free drainage.

Cosmetically Pleasing

The vinyl-clad galvanized steel exterior design adds to its cosmetic appearance and is easy to clean. Hence, it is a low-maintenance option suitable for front-of-house use.

Why Rent Hoshizaki B-500PF From La Ice Machine?

Rent a Hoshizaki B-500PF 30″ ice storage bin with a vinyl finish from La Ice Machine. It’s the best, most reliable, and most convenient option to stock ready-to-serve ice. Our rental program:

  • Has a low fixed monthly rental fee
  • Includes installation, preventative maintenance, repairs, and replacements

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