Koolaire K-570 30″ Ice Storage Bin

Have you invested capital in assets like low-volume Manitowoc ice-making machines? But still, finding it difficult to meet the needs of a large crowd during busy hours? Can’t afford to make more costly investments? Then you have come to the right place.

La Ice Machine offers a wide range of innovative ice storage bins and dispensers for rent from industry-leading manufacturers. With us, you can also get the latest Koolaire K-570 30″ ice storage bin at a low fixed rental price. It’s the best way to meet your ice supply needs during peak business hours with complete customer satisfaction.

Best Features of Koolaire K-570 30″ Ice Storage Bin

Koolaire K-570 30″ ice storage bin is a feature-rich unit designed to provide hospitality, food, and beverage industry players with a high-quality and optimum supply of ice daily. Here are some top features of the Koolaire K-570 30″ ice storage bin that make it a preferred choice:

Maximum Storage Capacity

Measuring 44 inches in height and 30 inches in width, the Koolaire K-570 ice bin can stock approximately 532 lbs of ice simultaneously. Hence, even if you have low-volume Manitowoc ice machines from the Indigo Series, you can get full and daily ice production from them and conveniently store ice in this unit. It allows you to get the most from your ice-making equipment and stock up several hundred pounds of ice needed to meet customers’ needs at all times. You never have to wait on the ice machine to make more. Store ice and use it when you need it.

Easy and Quick Ice Retrieval

This innovative unit is a 10/10 for convenience. Besides large storage capacity, it offers easy and quick ice retrieval operations. It features an internal scoop holder and a stay-open door that helps users retrieve ice conveniently without obstruction.

Store Ice Perfectly

The insulated door lowers condensation. It ensures the stored ice remains in perfect shape and doesn’t clump or freeze.

Durable and Visually Appealing

It has a sleek design and stainless steel finish which contrasts beautifully with black side panels- enhancing the visual appeal of the unit. Since it looks trendy and stylish, it can be easily kept in the kitchen or front of the house. Additionally, the stainless finish makes it corrosion and dirt resistant, making it a durable option.

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Why Rent Koolaire K-570 30″ Ice Storage Bin From La Ice Machine?

Buying Koolaire K-570 30″ ice storage bin upfront can put a big dent in your pocket. It is expensive to purchase and requires ongoing maintenance service, which can add to the total ownership cost. Needless to say, you may have to bear unplanned expenditures on sudden repairs. This is why renting ice storage bins and dispensers from us is best.

La Ice Machine offers affordable rental programs. You can get the latest Koolaire K-570 30″ ice storage bin in top condition for a fixed low rental fee. Furthermore, the program includes preventative maintenance, repairs, and replacements.

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