R-290: Spotlight on Propane

R-290: Spotlight on Propane

While there are many different refrigerants out there, the R-290 refrigerant is highly popular. Also known as propane, it is utilized for low-to-medium applications and has a rich history as a refrigerant.

Therefore, if you want to learn more about the R-290 refrigerant, you are in the right place. The latest addition to our refrigerant series, this blog will delve into the pros, history, and properties of the R-290 refrigerant.

The R-290 Refrigerant: A Brief Overview of Its History

As mentioned above, the R-290 refrigerant is also known as propane, and it played a significant role in developing a primary understanding of the expansion and compression-based cooling process that set the groundwork for contemporary refrigeration equipment.

First developed in the 1930s, these refrigerants have become the standard for modern equipment. It has retained its place as a popular option for small-scale applications like ice machines and refrigerators etc. Today, it is utilized as a low-global warming potential (GWP) substitute for refrigerants like R-22, R-404, and R-134a to complete certain applications.

The R-290 Refrigerant: Properties

The R-290 refrigerant is a single-component hydrocarbon substance, a byproduct generated when natural gas and petroleum are refined. Some of its most noteworthy properties include:

  • Formula: C3H8
  • Molecular weight (g/mol): 44.1
  • Boiling temperature °F (°C): -43.8 (-42.1)
  • Critical temperature °F (°C): 206.1 (96.7)
  • Critical pressure, PSI, (Bar): 616.5 (42.5)
  • Global Warming Potential: 3
  • Ozone Depletion Potential: 0
  • ASHRAE Safety Group: A 3

The R-290 Refrigerant: Pros

The primary benefits of the R-290 include:

Low Levels of Global Warming Potential

One of the best properties of propane is that it has astonishingly low levels of global warming potential. This is also one of the main reasons its usage and popularity have surged in recent years. It is kind to the environment and also safe.

Good Performance Profile

While propane’s performance is as good as other refrigerants’, it offers some additional benefits as well. The refrigerant mass flow required to fulfill the theoretical requirement is far lower for the R-290 refrigerant compared to others, which could result in reduced refrigerant costs.

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