Safety Rules: Convenience Store Ice Dispensers

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Safety Rules: Convenience Store Ice Dispensers

No matter what time of the day or night it is, people are continuously going in and out of gas stations, rest areas, and their attached convenience stores. The ice machine is one of the most used equipment at these stops. Thus, maintaining their cleanliness is a key issue. If pathogens are introduced to the equipment, other users are easily exposed to them.

Store owners and supervisors need to take adequate steps to ensure the unit is properly cleaned. There are two methods to accomplish this: enforcing guidelines about equipment usage and ensuring they are thoroughly sanitized and frequently.

Select A Safer Ice Maker

The best approach to eliminate bacterial growth on your ice dispenser is to find a safe and reliable ice maker when you’re buying one. Touchless ice makers exist, and they’re useful in these circumstances. Customers may get the dispenser to distribute ice by merely placing a drink under the sensor rather than pulling a lever or pushing a button.

These machines reduce ice contamination by minimizing human touch with the equipment. If you have a conventional ice maker, abide by the guidelines below to enhance user safety. If you want to upgrade, reach out to LA ICE MACHINE. Our ice maker subscription service lets you save money, ensures the safety of your consumers, and simplifies your life.

Different types of ice makers

Guidelines to Post Near Ice Dispensers in Gas Stations and Ice Bins

Ice bins are the ideal location for germs to foster since it’s a dark and wet environment. Routine cleaning is required, and everybody who uses the bin must abide by the established rules. When the ice maker parts are wrongfully used, it can lead to the contamination of the ice. Ice that has been tainted with harmful substances or microorganisms may also support the growth of biofilm.

The following guidelines need to be displayed close to each ice and beverage dispenser.

  • Clean or sterilize your hands before and after coming in contact with the dispenser.
  • Only pour water or ice down the drain or into the tray, and keep foreign items away from this area.

General Guidelines

Make sure all staff members follow these rules. We advise sticking them on or next to the ice machine. Also, ensure that there are choices for how you can take the ice out, e.g. ice scooper, handle, etc. Follow the guidelines provided below:

  • Clean and sterilize your hands when you take ice from the dispenser.
  • Place the ice handle in a dry, clean place. They need to be hung or placed in a clean tray when they’re not in use.
  • Wear a glove when you scoop the ice out.
  • Ensure that the machine is receiving bi-annual maintenance at the right time.
  • Ice transport buckets must not be stacked. They can be hung up or kept on a shelf off the floor.
  • Use EPA-approved cleaners to sanitize the machine’s exterior.

If you’re looking for in-depth cleaning, you should call a technician. LA ICE MACHINE’s technicians provide on-site ice machine cleaning and repair. We also offer ice machine rental services in Los Angeles. It includes the installation of an ice dispenser, bi-annual maintenance, and timely repairs. Reach out to us to learn more about the industries we serve and how you can benefit from our monthly rental program.

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