Signs Its Time for a New Ice Maker

Ice produced by an ice machine

 Signs Its Time for a New Ice Maker

Ice machines are valuable for many businesses. From producing ice in large quantities to ensuring its quality and safety, ice machines do a lot for us. However, an ice maker is a manufactured machine. And therefore, it eventually stops performing to its full potential after a stated lifespan.

Many ice machine owners don’t pay attention to the signs that indicate a timely ice machine repair or maybe full replacement. LA Ice Machine is a professional ice machine rental company in LA, offering high-end ice machine installation, monthly rental, purchase, and repair services.

Our experts have curated this detailed guide to help ice machine operators decide whether or not it’s time to invest in a new ice machine. So let’s get started.

Varying Ice Production

Every ice machine comes with a fixed ice production capacity. It’s mentioned in the manufacturer’s manual to help businesses choose the right equipment to meet their needs. When an ice machine is close to reaching its useful life period, it starts producing a lower quantity of ice than usual.

If you’ve started noticing a continued change in your ice machine’s daily production capacity, talk to our service providers now!

Increased Maintenance Needs

A poorly performing ice machine starts causing more nuisances. It can develop hardware issues, ice production glitches, and electrical problems. An ice machine that has suddenly started to malfunction frequently indicates immediate replacement.

Old ice machines can lead to higher repair and maintenance costs, ultimately causing a severe burden on a business’s expense ledger. You’re better off replacing a dingy ice machine than investing your time and money fixing it.

Condenser Corrosion

Apart from the above-mentioned signs, you can look for damages during an ice machine’s internal inspection. The most common indicators include dirty and corroded ice machine filters, rusted fins, and leak-prone internal piping. While dust and grease are not a sign of permanent damage and can be removed by routine cleaning, corrosion and rust suggest prompt replacement.

In addition, you must also look for the following issues in your ice machine:

  • Poor energy efficiency
  • Blocked drainage and increased leaks
  • Upset thermostat function
  • Misbalanced ice level
  • Malfunctioning ejectors

Invest in a New Ice Machine Today!

LA Ice Machine works in the best interest of its customers. We’re always on top of helping our clients identify potential and existing ice machine issues for timely servicing.

At LA Ice Machine, we also understand that buying a new ice machine can be out of a business’s budget. This is why we offer monthly ice machine rental services across LA. However, if you’re interested in buying a new ice maker, ice dispenser, or ice machine accessories, we can help.

All in all, LA Ice Machine is a one-stop solution to your commercial ice machine needs. Head over to our rental services page to learn more or buy a cutting-edge ice machine today!

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