The Dangers of Choosing a Low-Quality Ice Maker

The Dangers of Choosing a Low-Quality Ice Maker

Oftentimes businesses like bars and restaurants buy cheap, low-quality, or used ice machines in order to reduce costs. Contrary to their belief, this actually ends up costing them more in the long run than high-quality, new ice machines.

In this blog, we’ll look at some ways a cheap and low-quality ice machine can affect a business.

Breaks Down A lot

A cheap and low-quality ice machine comes with the risk of breaking down a lot. The components used in the machine are of worse quality compared to high-quality ice machines, and the design isn’t very good as well. This is the reason it is available for a low price.

Breaking down of the machine halts businesses and their operations. Imagine your customers waiting for their juices and cocktails, and you have no ice because your machine broke down? Not a scenario you’d want to find yourself in.

Needs More Maintenance

Since these cheap machines break down often, this increases their maintenance cost. The parts that frequently break down are located inside the machinery, which means the whole machine has to be dismantled and then fixed. This requires time, as well as money.

Not Safe Enough

Some of the low-quality ice machines are not ideal for use because they aren’t safe enough to protect the ice from contaminants. Their doors might not be air-tight to avoid airborne bacteria and viruses entering the machine. There might also be water leakages inside which contaminate the ice, the waterline of the machine can be clogged due to building up inside it, which can also contaminate and even limit the water supply to the machine, etc.

Mold and Fungi Growth

Leakages in the ice machine lead to water getting into places it’s not supposed to, and stagnant water and moisture encourage the growth of fungi, especially mold. Mold is seriously harmful to health and should never be near a surface that is in contact with food. Used ice machines might come with mold in their interior parts.

Not Big Enough

It’s unusual for cheap machines to come in big sizes which can produce bigger batches of ice. Oftentimes, these cheap machines fail to fulfill the demand of the bars and restaurants, especially the popular ones which operate all day and have a high traffic of consumers coming in.

Failing to reach the required amount of ice results in failure to serve the customers and results in losses.

Clogged Tubes/Water Lines

This problem typically occurs with used ice machines. The tubes and waterlines of the machine can be clogged if the machine was previously used in an area where only hard or saline water is available. The minerals in the water get trapped in the tubes and lines and then dry there, causing blockages, and hence, the ice formed can be of low quality, smaller sizes, and not enough in quantity.

This is why it’s always suggested to invest in a good quality ice machine. If you’re looking for one, you can contact LA Ice Machine. We provide all types of ice machine solutions, as well as providing ice machines for commercial use, ice machines on rent, and ice machine servicing and repairs. For more information, contact us on +18183403644 or email us at LAICEMACHINELLC@GMAIL.COM 

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