The Ultimate Guide to Specialty Ice for Businesses

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The Ultimate Guide to Specialty Ice for Businesses

Staying competitive in the hospitality industry can be tough, but effective business practices such as investing in the right commercial ice machine offer several benefits. Though customers don’t pay attention to the ice in their drinks, they do realize its essentials that make a drink refreshing.

The ice served in your hotel, bar, or restaurant can make your customers stop and take note of your services. This guide will discuss the importance of specialty ice.

Specialty Ice – An Overview

Specialty ice is different from standard ice in terms of shape, size, or both. Some oversized specialty ice cubes are big enough that only one is needed per glass. Other types of specialty ice come in unusual shapes when compared to the classic square or cube. Moreover, flake ice cubes are much softer than regular cubes and used in different contexts.

Top commercial ice machine brands, including Manitowoc and Hoshizaki, produce specialty ice. Manitowoc ice machine offers gourmet dice, and half-dice ice, while Hoshizaki machines produce cubelet, classic-square, top hat, sphere, and 2×2 square ice.

Can Your Facility Rely on Specialty Ice?

Though specialty ice is not the type of ice that your business can rely on, it can be used to enhance the quality and appearance of your drinks. It’s not used as a primary ice type but is the most suitable option as a supplement to regular ice in bars, restaurants, and hotels.

So if you have a commercial ice machine that produces standard ice, consider upgrading to specialty ice to make your drinks more presentable and catch customer attention. Creating Instagram-worthy drinks will promote your business on various social media platforms too.

Good Looks

To make your beverage menu even more impressive, consider creating eye-catching cocktails. All you have to do is add a giant square ice or a sphere cube to give an upscale experience to your customer every time they order a drink. You can serve all kinds of drinks and fine spirits over a perfect giant square of ice to upgrade the aesthetics of your drinks.

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Get the right commercial ice machine to take your specialty ice production to another level. At LA ICE MACHINE, we provide online commercial ice machine rental programs for hospitals, corporate offices, hotels, and restaurants.

Our commercial ice machine rental programs include repairs and emergency services. Reach out to us today for more information.

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