Things to Avoid When Buying an Ice Machine

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Things to Avoid When Buying an Ice Machine

Purchasing an ice maker is a smart business investment. By installing premium ice machines in your facility, you won’t have to rely on an external source. This allows a company to become self-reliant and reduce its expenses. Having ice machines in your company also increases its accessibility, and your employees, customers, and guests can easily get the ice whenever or wherever they need it.

Here are a few mistakes to avoid when getting an ice machine.

Check your Plumbing

If you want your ice machine to produce ice in the right shape and size, make sure it matches your plumbing. If the machine doesn’t match with the plumbing, some of its valves may start leaking, and you may not get the right shape of ice cubes.

Therefore, consider doing a health inspection of the ice machine and ensure that it fits properly into your plumbing. Also, check your drain system and call a plumber if there’s a need for a drain line.

Check the Machine Type  

Before you bring in an ice machine to your facility, find out what your customers need. If your customers need clean water and ice, consider providing them a nice filtration system to get clean and clear water and ice Check if they’re getting bagged ice or directly dispensed ice in bulk.

Moreover, hiring a dedicated attendant to monitor the machine would be quite absurd. Make sure you have real-time access to its working status and the progress of the ice production cycle.

Why Should You Choose LA Ice Machine?

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Ice machines are integral for all industries as they help you keep your employee happy and boost productivity.

At LA Ice Machine, we provide the best-in-class storage bins, ice dispensers, and commercial ice machines for rent and purchase in LA. Based in LA, we’re recognized as one of the leading ice machine rental companies that also provides consultancy to commercial businesses on choosing the right type of ice machine that matches their needs. We also provide 24-hour emergency services and repair services to ensure ice machine longevity and safety.

Find out more about us here or contact us to rent or purchase a commercial ice machine now!

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