Tips for Preventing Ice from Melting Too Quickly

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Tips for Preventing Ice from Melting Too Quickly

Before you give up on having perfect ice every time you get a drink, there are several tips you can follow to prevent your ice cubes from melting too quickly. Keeping your ice cubes from melting is essential for many reasons. From using ice machines to coolers, here are some tips for preventing ice from melting too quickly. Read on to learn more.

Use an Ice Cooler

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An ice cooler is ideal for keeping your ice cubes intact, especially if you want to carry ice to another place, like a campground. You need to choose the right type of cooler that can serve your purpose.

You can either use soft polystyrene and nylon foam coolers for shorter trips, as they offer moderate insulation. On the other hand, if you are planning a longer trip, opt for a plastic cooler that is more durable.

Furthermore, you can line your ice cooler with aluminum foil to keep the heat out, preventing the ice cubes from melting too quickly.

Use Ice Blocks Instead of Cubes

Larger ice blocks melt more slowly compared to smaller ice cubes as they have less surface area exposed to heat. Although they are heavy, they will last much longer.

Get an Ice Machine

Finally, an ice machine is a popular option nowadays. Many businesses use them to produce fresh clear ice and store it in their ice bin, preventing it from melting. They are efficient machines that will fulfill all your ice needs.

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