Top Benefits of Using a Water-Cooled Commercial Ice Machine

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Top Benefits of Using a Water-Cooled Commercial Ice Machine

When making the right decision and choosing a commercial ice machine, you need to consider a water-cooled machine’s benefits. You should also think about your budget, resources, and ambient temperature to determine which is the right choice for your business. We’ve developed a list of the benefits of owning a water-cooled ice dispenser.  

Water-Cooled Ice Machine

A water-cooled commercial ice maker needs nearly 100 gallons of water to generate 100 pounds of ice, and the extra water must be poured down a drain. If your building has a recirculating water system, then this can work in your favor. As a result, owning a water-cooled machine is expensive, and operating such machinery without a water tower is prohibited in many places.

Benefits Of Owning A Water-Cooled Ice Maker

If you do plan on opting for this ice dispenser, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Quiet Operation: Such ice dispensers operate silently. This means you can work in your office, hotel, or restaurant and carry out your daily activities without having any annoying sounds causing disruptions.
  • Lower Energy Consumption: As the name suggests, these machines use water to cool down, so they’re highly energy-efficient and save energy costs.
  • Versatility: This machine can be used in various settings, including heated temperatures and cramped quarters where sufficient air ventilation isn’t available. All ice machine manufacturers, whether they make Scotsman ice machines or Koolaire ice dispensers, recommend leaving about six feet above and all around a machine.

Ice-O-Matic ice machine

Ways You Can Save Money On Ice Makers

We’ll offer some tips on how to reduce the cost of ice machines. You can always purchase the ice dispensers and bin together, as most companies give a good deal when both are bought together.

If effective energy consumption is your number one priority, water-cooled ice machines are the way to go. To curtail increased water use, you can install a water-looping system. The water will be recycled, resulting in cheaper expenses and a faster ice-making system. This is effective, environmentally friendly, doesn’t trap heat, and saves money.

Have your heart set on a Hoshizaki water-cooled ice machine or perhaps a Scotsman water-cooled ice machine? You’re in luck because LA Ice Machine has them available for you. We’re a commercial ice machine rental service that provides installation, maintenance, and repair for all kinds of ice dispensers.

We offer a comprehensive ice machine rental program in Los Angeles that includes an ice machine, dispenser or bin, and water filters. Contact us to learn more about our services and industry solutions.

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