Understanding the Manitowoc Ice Machine Operation Cycle

Manitowoc ice machine

Understanding the Manitowoc Ice Machine Operation Cycle

Manitowoc Ice produces some of the greatest ice makers. Its commercial ice machines and dispensers are found in many restaurants, hospitals, offices, and other large establishments. But how do they operate? There is considerably more to producing ice than simply freezing water and dispersing the ice cubes. The steps for this commercial maker’s working cycle are listed below.

Various Cycles Of A Manitowoc Ice Machine

Water Purging Cycle

Any leftover water from the initial cycle is eliminated during the purge stage. The equipment moves on to the next cycle after emptying the water trough.

Freezing Cycle

Water runs over the evaporator after the first cycle. The refrigerator unit chills the evaporator, which permits ice to accumulate until it touches the thickness sensor.

Harvesting Process

The ice needs to be “harvested” in this cycle. While the evaporator is heated by gas, any residual extra water goes into the drain. The ice cubes are made and moves into the storage part. The unit begins a new freeze cycle once the cubes pass over the ice damper.

Full Bin Cycle

The ice dispenser will turn off automatically if the ice keeps dropping and keeps the damper open. Ultimately, the ice will melt away, and the damper will close. This would lead to a new purge cycle.

Preparing Commercial Ice machines for Summer

How Does The Machine Function?

The ice dispenser runs with the help of a control system that regulates every cycle. It has several internal and external settings that help during each cycle. Numerous non-adjustable timers are present on the switchboard, such as:

  • A freezing cycle is usually programmed to run for 6 minutes, and then the harvest cycle begins. If you have an S-series Manitowoc ice machine then you can skip this by switching the toggle from OFF to ICE.
  • When it comes to maximum freeze durations, the Indigo and S-series units have 60 minutes, while the NEO® models last about 45 minutes. After this freezing time has passed, the harvest cycle starts instantly.
  • If your ice machine has multiple evaporators, then your harvest time would be 7 minutes, but if it has a single evaporator, then the max harvest cycle would last only 3.5 minutes.

Safety Capacity

Additionally, there are security restrictions for different cycles. These changes depend on whether you have several evaporators or only one. To learn about the safety cycles, look at the commercial ice machine’s operation handbook.

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