What Is The Best Ice Machine Cleaner For Routine Cleaning?

What Is The Best Ice Machine Cleaner For Routine Cleaning?

We all are aware of how important cleaning the ice machine regularly is. But did you know, there are two types of cleaning? Deep cleaning is the thorough cleaning of the ice machine and it is done to clean even the smallest of corners and parts of the machines. Another type is regular or routine cleaning. Routine cleaning has to ideally be performed at the end of every day.

Now you must be wondering, how can it be done every day? Well, it’s very easy, and you don’t even need to shut the machine off. All you need is a clean cloth and good cleaning material.

In this blog, we’ll look at what cleaning material is best suited for which part of your ice machine for routine cleaning.


The exterior of the ice machine is a sturdy component, designed to keep the contaminants out, and not allow the cold to escape the machine. Any kind of disinfected, which is approved by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), can be used for cleaning of the exterior.

If there are any grease stains or grime, you can wash that part with soap and water, before applying the disinfectant.

Make sure to read the labels properly before using the disinfectant. Many disinfectants work on bacteria, but not viruses, like the coronavirus. You’d want to choose one which acts on both. Make sure to dilute the disinfectant and leave it on the surface for proper sanitization.


The interior of an ice machine is usually cleaned and sanitized by professional cleaners. This includes the condensers, evaporators, the s, tubes, and the valves. These parts can only be cleaned thoroughly by opening up or dismantling the ice machine. The ice machine will also be needed to be shut down, and the remaining ice in the bin needs to be removed.

Usually, a strong 85% Phosphoric food-grade cleaner is used to clean these parts. Interior cleaning is required at least twice a year in order to prevent fungi like mold to grow, and clean the machine for it to perform efficiently.

Ice Storage Bin

Regular cleaning and sanitizing of the ice storage bin is the most important because this is the surface that comes into contact with the ice itself.

For this reason, it is advised to first remove all the ice from the storage bin, then wash it with soap water. After rinsing with water, the surface of the bin that comes into contact with the ice needs to be sanitized first. The disinfectant used has to be washed away with water as well, since disinfectants are very concentrated. Then, the storage bin has to be sanitized properly. Leave the sanitizer on the surface of the bin to dry, instead of wiping it away. There are many disinfectants and sanitizers approved by the EPA for cleaning surfaces that come in contact with the food.

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