What to Do When Your Ice Machine Stops Making Ice

Clear ice produced by a well-maintained ice machine

What to Do When Your Ice Machine Stops Making Ice

While it’s never a bad idea to ring an ice machine expert to fix your ice machine, you should know some quick hacks to troubleshoot the equipment and fix the issues in case of an emergency.

If your ice maker has stopped producing ice, don’t panic. They’re one of the most user-friendly electrical appliances to deal with, and almost all ice machines are engineered the same way.

Here’s why your ice machine may not produce ice and what you can do.

The Ice Machine Fails to Eject the Ice

Every time we don’t get ice from our ice machine, we tend to think that there’s some problem with the water supply line.

Can you see ice inside the mold? If yes, the issue is probably not with the water supply. Often, there’s an electrical issue behind the problem.

Check the control arm and make sure you haven’t nudged it to the ‘pause’ position. If it’s in the off position, move it down, and the machine will start working again.

If, however, the mold is filled with ice and the control arm also points in the right direction, there’s certainly a problem with the appliance’s gearbox, motor, or wiring.

Check all the electrical connections to the machine and make sure all the wires are properly connected. Identify the location of the quick plug on the freezer’s back wall, unplug it and reconnect to make sure the plug is fully connected.

Remove the leftover ice from the ice mold by pouring some water. Restore the power supply and pause the machine using the control arm. Now, turn the control arm down and wait for at least 10 seconds to ensure the solenoid is operational and let it fill water in the ice mold.

After waiting for 3–4 hours, check the machine again.

Ice Cubes That Are Too Large or Too Small

If the size of the ice cubes is too large or too small, you simply need to make some adjustments to the ice machine.

First, take out the front white plate from the machine manually. You can also use a screwdriver to remove it gently so it doesn’t come out easily.

Once you remove the cover, you’ll see a spring and screw assembly with ‘minus’ and ‘plus’ indicators. This controls the amount of water going inside the ice mold. If you want to increase the size of ice cubes, screw out (towards the positive symbol) to increase the water dose.

Similarly, if you want to reduce the size of ice cubes, move the screw towards the negative indicator to decrease the water dosage.

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