What to Expect During a Remote Ice Machine Condenser Installation

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What to Expect During a Remote Ice Machine Condenser Installation

A lot of times, businesses own ice machine condensers, but their environment is not ideal. However, with remote ice machine condensers, the environmental problems can be easily solved.

Ice machine condensers can be either air-cooled or water-cooled. However, remote condensers are air-cooled and are located away from the ice makers. They are either placed on rooftops, in a parking lot, or in the garage.

If you’re wondering how a remote ice machine condenser works and how it’s installed, keep reading for an overview of what’s involved.

Installing an Air-Cooled Remote Condenser

The installation of remote condensers for ice machines depends on what the business or the environment needs. Along with this, the placement of the remote condenser also needs to be aligned with the electrical lines.

More than one technician will be required to set up the ice machine. One technician will be at the ice machine, one will be setting the electrical lines, and one will be located where the remote condenser is going to be placed.

What is Required

  • Usually, a contractor or roofer is hired, so a wall for refrigeration is created where the electrical lines and wires can easily pass through and reach the condenser. The opening for this penetration point is also sealed once the lines have been set and the condenser is running smoothly.
  • A crane is sometimes needed to access heights where the equipment can be installed.
  • Rooftop access is required for easy installation. Parking lots aren’t considered ideal as theft can occur there unless your machine is placed in locked cages.
  • You will need a permit, so your local authorities will allow you to install the remote condenser.

Servicing the Remote Condensers

All ice machine or ice maker manufacturers recommend deep cleaning of the remote condensers after every six months at least. You should also be aware of warning signs that mean your condenser needs repair or maintenance.

A clean condenser will prevent issues from occurring in your ice maker. Although many customers choose to clean their ice makers by themselves, a professional should be consulted for cleaning the remote condensers.

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