When to Replace Your Commercial Ice Storage Bin

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When to Replace Your Commercial Ice Storage Bin

By looking at what an ice dispenser or bin actually does is a great way to tell whether yours is up to scratch. Commercial ice dispensers need to be strong, insulating and keep your ice cubes ice-cool to the best of their ability. All that to say, any damage or wear might diminish this ability.

Here’s how to tell whether you need a bin replacement.

Corrosion Around the Exterior

Your ice bin has three layers of protection that prevent water from seeping out. These are:

  • The exterior.
  • The watertight interior lining.
  • The foam insulation.

Once the water reaches the insulation, corrosion is inevitable. However, water should never seep through the watertight interior lining. That’s what it’s there for, which is why you need to make sure your dispenser is installed correctly from the outset.

If you notice any signs of corrosion or rust on the exterior, you probably have a leak, a sign of improper installation. In any case, deal with corrosion as soon as you see it to prevent further damage to the foam insulation.

Signs of External Damage

Corrosion isn’t the only thing that may damage your storage bin from the outside. The more you use your ice dispenser, the more bumps, scrapes, and trauma it’s likely to suffer. This would eventually damage the exterior. Once that happens, it’s only a matter of time before you lose insulation.

Check for cracks or depressed surfaces at least once a day. The former might open up the bin to outside contaminants, resulting in internal corrosion, scum, mold, and ice contamination.  

Signs of Internal Damage

Most ice dispensers have a polyurethane liner that protects the interior from moisture. If this liner starts wearing off or gets damaged due to an ice scoop, shovel, or rake, it might expose the insulating foam.

Foam or no foam, if there’s damage to the interior, you might want to replace your ice bin. If you don’t, the moisture could cause mold, scum, or corrosion, which would melt your ice faster. If it’s not up to mark, you need to replace it.

Moisture Under the Liner

You can’t see foam insulation because it’s right under the liner, but that doesn’t mean it’s immune to water damage. Fortunately, corrosion underneath the lining isn’t completely invisible.

If you notice the interior separating from the foam or bubbling out in places, you’ve probably got moisture underneath. Don’t try to push the lining back in place because:

  1. It won’t remove the water.
  2. If there’s a leak, simply removing the water won’t do.
  3. Your dispenser wasn’t properly installed in the first place.

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