Why Are Manitowoc Ice Machines: The Best For Restaurant Use?

Manitowoc ice machine

Why Are Manitowoc Ice Machines: The Best For Restaurant Use?

Manitowoc is known for producing some of the most dependable and energy-efficient ice machines available. Their under-counter ice makers are no exception. The NEO series ice machines from Manitowoc are ideal for restaurant staff who need an abundant and accessible supply of ice.

LA ICE MACHINE has exceptional rental programs that let you get any Manitowoc ice machine for a monthly fee of $134.99. Thorough upkeep and cleaning are included in our rental services. Manitowoc units are the best for you if you want a high-quality under-counter ice maker.

They Are Super Handy

Under-counter ice machines are a popular choice for restaurants, bars, and other food and beverage establishments. Ice is readily available for bartenders and other service personnel. No extra staff members are required to come to get ice for the bar wells or the kitchen. Personnel can get ice from Manitowoc ice machines without bending down to reach the stock, thanks to the slanted bin lid.

Amazing Performance

Manitowoc NXT ice dispensers are among the most reliable ice units on the market. They are known for their undeniable performance and dependability. Some of their models can produce up to 286 pounds of cubed ice. These diced ice shapes have a classic square shape that looks wonderful in high-quality cocktails and soft beverages.

The vertical placement of the evaporator plate on the Manitowoc guarantees that the equipment only uses the purest water while producing cubes. They are mineral-free, so your customers can have clear cubes.

The ice maker is kept cool with its front-to-front airflow. If the machine gets heated, it’ll produce less ice. This configuration guarantees maximum ice cube manufacturing output even when the machine is placed in confined spaces. Additionally, users can set the display to postpone manufacturing ice on weekends or public holidays.

A commercial ice maker

Produces Clean and Hygienic Ice

These NEO series units keep ice clean and hygienic with the help of their self-cleaning modes. The cleaning feature can be started by users by pressing a button on the display. Although this will eliminate the chance of producing contaminated ice, you will still need extensive cleaning. That’ll help you get rid of any mold or scale buildup in any part of the commercial ice maker.  

We offer bi-annual maintenance checkups and cleaning in our rental services. The price of cleaning is already factored into your affordable monthly payment. This minimizes the possibility of unintentional ice contamination by keeping the handle away from the ice storage.

Easy Maintenance

All Manitowoc ice makers include front access for simple maintenance of all essential parts. Its bin can easily slide. Ice maker professionals can rapidly repair the equipment if it malfunctions for any reason, allowing your staff to resume serving ice to consumers.

If you’re looking for reliable Manitowoc ice makers in Los Angeles, LA ICE MACHINE has them all. Our rental solutions include ice maker installation, maintenance, and repair. You’ll also get water filters and a bin.

Our technicians can handle all non-emergency and emergency repairs. Whether you want a Manitowoc unit for your restaurant or a Koolaire machine for your hotel, we can get you those. Reach out to us to learn more!

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